10 exotic accommodations in Japan

10 exotic accommodations in Japan

Japan – “Land of the Rising Sun” is famous for weird things, especially its hotels. Japanese special accommodations always provide an exciting memorable trip for tourists. If you have intention to travel in Japan, take a glance at this list to make your plan more abundant.

1. Capsule Hotel

exotic accommodations in Japan

You will be amazed at the weird appearance of Capsule Hotel

It sounds quite strange in other countries, but this capsule hotel is an exotic kind of motel which is very popular in Japan. Inside this special place are two-stage room lines.

The acreage of each room is enough for a person to sleep. It looks like a washing machine when you observe from outside. The rooms are covered by blinds instead doors. Each room is equipped with a television, wireless internet connection and a radio for travelers to relax.

2. Poseidon resort, Fiji

exotic accommodations in Japan

You can observe the beauty of fish schools by lying on bed

Poseidon is the first resort throughout the world in the depth of 12 meters on Fiji Island. This spot possesses 24 room lines with amazing services, such as: bars, restaurants, and so on.

Walls of this resort are transparent, which gives a chance for tourists to interact with the surrounding. Especially, just by a click of button, you are able to feed the fish and change the color of water.

3. Hoshino Risonare resort, Kobuchizawa

exotic accommodations in Japan

Many people choose this amazing place for special events

Risonare is a peaceful place for relaxing in Yatsugatake mountains. Thanks to the special structure, this ellipse resort is considered as a paradise that makes Risonare become one of the most attractive destinations for weddings or special events.

4. Bayside Marina Container Hotel, Yokohama

exotic accommodations in Japan

These special rooms are not naturally parallel with others

This exotic accommodation is located in Yokohama where houses are not naturally parallel with others. All rooms in this hotel look like containers which are unequal. They are link with others by concrete system and grass fields.

5. Queen Elizabeth Love Hotel, Kanagawa

exotic accommodations in Japan

This hotel is striking with the red and pink ship looking

There are thousands of “love hotels” rented in hour. However, these places do not have any illegal activities. They are rented by couples and used for reliably resting in a short time.

Queen Elizabeth hotel in Kanagawa is one of the most popular accommodations with its appearance like the famous ship of Queen Elizabeth. This hotel makes tourists image a romantic love story as Titanic. There are no receptionists or guiders there, so customers will pay the bill through automatic machines.

6. Pamplona Hotel, Osaka

exotic accommodations in Japan

This red iron room will make tourists imagine about a bird cage

Pamplona is another special love hotel in Dotonbori, Osaka. Its structure looks like an iron cage. A bed is equipped inside; especially, there is no wall among rooms.

Several tourists come there to discover the impressive guest rooms in this place every year. This kind of hotel is not absolutely suitable for people who adore a private space.

7. Ancient Hoshi Hokuriku hotel, Awazu

exotic accommodations in Japan

Visitors will be pleasant with the tranquil and ancient atmosphere

Hoshi Hokuriku Hotel in Komatsu, Japan is the oldest accommodation in the world, which was recorded in Guiness. Being established in 717 BC, this hotel has been opened for 1,300 years under the control of a family for 46 generations. In Hoshi Hokuriku, tourists will have chance to relax their body and soul in ever-flowing hot spring.

8. Tonamu Icing Hotel, Alpha resort, Shimukappu

exotic accommodations in Japan

You will be excited with all icing facilities in the hotel

Everything at Tonamu Icing Hotel is completely created from ice. At night, tourists will rest in a sleeping bag, not on a bed as usual. A steam sink is equipped among huge ices and food is served in large icing plates.

9. Dotonbori Hotel, Osaka

exotic accommodations in Japan

Four famous and valuable head statues in front of this inn

Just 3 minutes to walk from Osaka Namba station to this place, Dotonbori Hotel always becomes many international tourists. All guest rooms are non-smoking and fully equipped with free high – speed internet.

Although the furniture is quite simple, the hotel impresses tourists with the well-known head statues located in front of the hotel building. Many travelers look forward to visiting this place again because these exciting statues.

10. Fujiya Hotel, Yamagata

exotic accommodations in Japan

Travelers will have a chance to relax their body and soul in hot spring there

This inn is located in Ginza hot spring resort, Yamagata which is impressive with simple and delicate Japanese design. Even though Fujiya is a four-star hotel, it only has 8 guest rooms. Each room is simplified in structure.

Arriving there, visitors will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere which is suitable for those who want to escape from busy life.

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