10 of the most beautiful pet cafes in Tokyo, Japan

10 of the most beautiful pet cafes in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan has proved its reputation throughout the world thanks to pet cafes. The original trend started with cat cafes, and then gradually expands to offer different hobbies of animal lovers. This list involves numerous animal coffee shops like: cats, dogs, owls or even snakes.

Temari no Ouchi, Kichijoji

pet cafes in Tokyo

Love cats? Check-in Temari no Ouchi now!

Temari no Ouchi is not a usual coffee shop since all facilities here are shaped in a fairytale-esque arch, which makes travelers get lost in the cat world. Almost of spaces in this place is used for the cats to run around or to nap.

Cost: ¥1,200 weekdays, ¥1,600 weekends, ¥700 after 7pm.

Mocha Shibuya, Shibuya

pet cafes in Tokyo

If you are kitten lovers, you can’t stand leaving this place

Be careful: if you are kitten lovers, you can’t stand leaving this place. Opened in July, 2015, Shibuya outlet Mocha has several cats, most of them are still quite young.

This entire decoration seems to be designed for the cats with numerous perches and hideouts. An ample space and 2 stairs are suitable for a reasonable number of people.

Cost: ¥200 per 10minutes.

Ms Bunny, Roppongi

pet cafes in Tokyo

You will fall in love with the bunnies there

The small café possesses about 12 bunnies and some European hedgehogs. Although they are in cages, there is enough time for them to run around outside. However, you have just 10 minutes to play with a bunny in the caring of staffs. These rabbits are energetic, cheerful and kind on wandering.

The ¥850 (¥1,000 on weekends) cover charge includes holding two different rabbits within 30 minutes. If you want more variety within the same time, it’s ¥300 per extra rabbit. It’s even possible to take a bunny out for a walk. If you still want to play and take care of it at home, you might buy it immediately.

Cost: ¥850/30 min weekdays, ¥1,000/30 min weekends.

With Bunny

pet cafes in Tokyo

You can choose only one rabbit per person to play with

With 5 floors and an impressive rooftop, With Bunny is one of the biggest animal café in town. With Bunny just looks like an exciting park and a museum to explore. You will have chance to play with bunnies there. You can choose only one rabbit per person, but you might ask to change another bunny then.

There is a different deal of time to select, from 30 minutes to 2 hours (¥2,480 involving drinks). Although the cover charge is quite expensive, you will obviously get the most out of your quality time within 26 pretty bunnies around.

Cost: from ¥2,480.

Dog Heart from Aquamarine, Yoyogi-Hachiman

pet cafes in Tokyo

Have fun time at Dog Heart from Aquamarine

You should not miss this spot if you are truly a dog lover. You have to adore the way they lie on your lap, lick your hands and make your hands smell like dog, and even do their “business” on the floor right in front of you. Especially, if you visit Dog Heart, you also fall in love with dog toys and puppies.

Cost: ¥950/30 min, ¥1,550/60 min, one-hour dog rental, ¥3,600

Kotori Café Omotesando, Aoyama

pet cafes in Tokyo

An interesting place for bird lovers

Visitors are completely amazed at the colorful welcome when visiting the entrance of Omotesando Café. The entire of front windows is one of four glass bird cages. Your trip will be limited within 1 hour.

Cheerful birds walk around you while you taste coffee. Everything from the slightly larger white cockatoo named Taichi and a mid-sized parrot to rosy-faced lovebirds and garish canaries make an appearance.

Cost: from ¥800 including drinks.

Cafe Baron, Koenji

pet cafes in Tokyo

The atmosphere there makes visitor feel quite same as Harry Potter world

Travelers are not allowed to touch the birds there, although they are freely flying around. These owls are trained not to stand by people.

At Cafe Baron, Koenji, you can sip your coffee or tea as well as enjoy curry while observe these beautiful birds. The tranquil atmosphere makes it an ideal place for resting and relaxing.

Cost: from ¥800.

Fukurou Sabou, Kokubunji

pet cafes in Tokyo

Traveler will be seduced by friendly owls

The inside space is quite tiny, but it’s still comfortable. The atmosphere is truly friendly due to group feeling, funny conversations and sudden silence when an owl quietly flies. The cover charge to observe and play with an owl depends on how rare they are.

Cost: ¥300-¥1,000 depending on the owl, drinks from ¥500.

Tokyo Snake Center, Harajuku

pet cafes in Tokyo

Sipping coffee with your snake

Housed on the eighth floor of a multi-use tower, Harajuku is an interesting animal coffee shop in Tokyo. Tokyo Snake Center has a diversity of snakes which are carefully trained and non-toxic.

Paying ¥1,000 at check-in counter, you will be served drinks and a snake. Spending time enjoying cakes and sipping coffee while your snake friend observes you from the safety of its transparent box is a wonderful experience.

Cost: ¥1,000 including drinks.

Sakuragaoka Café

pet cafes in Tokyo

The two goats there will satisfy even the prissiest customers

Sakuragaoka Café is an ideal place to entertain by nipping a delicious cup of coffee and watching goats. There are two goats named Sakura and Chocolat basing on their fur color will satisfy even the prissiest customers.

Cost: drinks from ¥500, food from ¥700.

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