10 things to know about Iceland's Blue Lagoon

10 things to know about Iceland's Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is an extremely noted destination located in southwestern Iceland. People might have heard about a tourist attraction named Blue Lagoon but not about it as an economic powerhouse. 10 things mentioned below may surprise you by giving a lot of information about Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

10. Geothermal Power

Nowadays, there are still many active volcanoes in Iceland and the island itself is the result of volcanic forces. Moreover, Iceland possesses plentiful geothermal energy which can be used for powering everything in this island-nation. It is the fact that the lagoon is a pond with the use of retaining water from a nearby geothermal power plant.

After having gone through turbines, the water will be poured into the pond. However, you do not need to worry about the quality of the water because it is still clean, not dirty, it just cannot be reused in energy production for some reasons.

9. Minerals in the Water

9-1500307853Beautiful view of the Blue Lagoon

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is well-known for its mineral-rich water. The soil in Iceland is rich in minerals thanks to the lava and volcanic ashes spewed out of the volcanoes. Therefore, when the water goes through the geothermal power plant and is released into the pond, it is mineralized.

The typical milky-blue color of the lagoon is also because of the amount of silica that is concentrated in the water. After flowing to the pond, the water is reabsorbed into the soil, leaving the minerals behind and those minerals make the ground impermeable. The deposit of minerals is thicker day by day, that leads to the company’s digging of other new ponds in the area.

8. Healing Properties

8-1500307891Wallowing in mineral-rich water

Having been opened in 1976, from the beginning, this lagoon was simply a retaining pond of Svartsengi power plant. To fulfill the tourists’ demand, the Blue Lagoon company decided to officially open the place to the public in 1992. Until now, this destination is still one of the most famous tourist attractions in Iceland.

7. All-Inclusive Luxury

7-1500307943Enjoy the spa services there

From a retaining pond in 1976, the region becomes an all-inclusive luxury resort now. For the need of food and drink, LAVA Restaurant, Blue Cafe and Lagoon Bar can serve all tourists’ demand. You can order drinks whenever you want without leaving the pool. A wide range of spa services with saunas, steam rooms and a relaxation area are always ready to serve. Besides, Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel gives tourists medical services and they can even book a doctor’s appointment there.

6. Support for Research

Blue Lagoon company has conducted a research to find the cure for skin diseases based on the mineral-rich water. This company also promotes spa products to earn money even if the benefits of their products have not been proven.

5. Hot Lava Nearby

The Svartsengi power plant discharges hot water from the ground near a lava flow through the turbines and then through a heat exchanges to the lagoon. The lava is the main factor that causes the steady temperature of 38 degrees Celsius of the water in the pool.

4. Iceland’s Most Visited

4-1500308015Many tourists are bathing in the pool

On an island with many beautiful spots and interesting activities, the Blue Lagoon Spa still emerges as the premier attraction. This spa not only raises the popularity of the lagoon but also increases tourism to Iceland. You will have to book the tickets in advance to make sure that you will get a place when going there.

3. Tickets in All Shapes and Sizes

3-20-20blue-20lagoon-20iceland-20main-20entrance-1500308038Blue Lagoon's main entrance

The spa provides many different ticket packages. The premium package is the most popular one with a reasonable price, the standard visitor and the comfort package are two cheaper packages and the luxury package is the most expensive package. Children (from 2 to 13) are free. For disabled persons and teenagers (14 or 15 years old), the price is at a discount. In addition, the price of each package changes every season.

2. Movie Star

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon has been the setting of a film named Hostel: Part II, a number of reality TV series such as The Amazing Race, Britain’s Next Top Model and also the documentary Look Alive.

1. Its beauty

1-1500308086Panorama of the lagoon

Maybe the Blue Lagoon’s beauty is one of the filmmakers and television producers’ reasons when they choose it to be the situation for their productions. Although there are very few species of flora and fauna, the admirable contrast between the milky-blue of the pool and the black of volcanic rock creates a wonderful picture which can inspire all people to come to contemplate stunningly beautiful view in this location.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon with its medicinal properties, breathtaking beauty and surprising services is a flawless site that everyone should visit when coming to Iceland.

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