A romantic honeymoon in Thailand

A romantic honeymoon in Thailand

You desire to store your sweet love memory with your honey at a wonderful destination that you will never forget. You absolutely think about romantic countries in Europe, but have you ever known that visiting Europe is quite expensive?

What about Thailand - a new but ideal land for your honeymoon? The following reasons why to pick Thailand for a honeymoon trip will make you change your mind.

1. The Land of Smiles – an appropriate spot for marriage

Thailand, which is famous for the nick name “Land of Smiles”, has a total area of approximately 513,000 km2 with countless natural sources and the development in economy and industry.

honeymoon in Thailand

Thailand is becoming a wonderful place to enjoy your honeymoon

Time gone, many marriage celebrating services exist. These companies help customers to plan their traditional marriage in detail. The marriage is hold basing on Thailand rituals with the blessing from relatives.

Thanks to the support of marriage celebrating services, customers don't have to worry about the celebration process. New couples can enjoy their honeymoon there if they do not have long day off.

2. Bangkok - International city

Bangkok is a place where possesses various means of transport, hotels and international shopping centers. It is easy to travel in this city. Tourists can take a taxi, BTS system or hire a vehicle to explore the most beautiful landscapes.

honeymoon in Thailand

Various kinds of food to enjoy in Thailand

In Bangkok, visitors will have chance to try almost kinds of food all over the world and take part in many cultural activities. In addition, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere which makes your wedding happier and luckier.

3. The South and North of Thailand

It is not exaggerated to say that Thailand is a heaven for new couples because it has ideal spots to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. Magnificent and pristine view in PhuKet island will deeply impress your mind from the first time. You and your lover will have romantic moments when walking along the beach, enjoying the blue sky and fresh atmosphere there.

honeymoon in Thailand

Long sand beach and blue sky in Phuket

Moreover, Kabi has a long white sand beach and amazing cliffs. There are many nearby small islands which bring about wonderful memory for visitors. Visiting there, you are also able to take part in several exciting outdoor activities, such as fishing and scuba diving.

The next destinations in the South of Thailand are Hat Yai shopping and industrial centers where have diverse shopping malls. Visitors will fall in love with this active city and surely intend to return the next time.

After finishing an interesting tour at the beautiful beach, visitors should discover the North of Thailand – a wonderful tourist spot covered by the juicy plants of mountains.

It is easier to travel from the South to the North by car or train. Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai is considered as the most attractive place to explore. Resorts there are built in fresh forests to create the romantic view for new couples.

honeymoon in Thailand

A romantic wedding on the beach

4. Special occasion for you wedding

To have an inspiring wedding celebration, you should not miss mass weddings on Valentine day which are hold in the North and the South of Thailand.

honeymoon in Thailand

Mass weddings on Valentine day

Arriving to the Elephant conservation center, couples will have chance to wear traditional dress of Thai and celebrate an elephant ride. Besides, in Trang city, underwater weddings are hold to help couples have wonderful experiences about the natural environment.

5. Love Cruise

What can be more interesting than travelling on a cruise ship equipped with modern facilities and a peaceful atmosphere? That’s another feeling when you decide to celebrate your wedding in Thailand. Most of cruise ships for wedding are are carefully decorated, therefore, couples must not worry about the quality of these ships.

honeymoon in Thailand

The sweet marriage on cruise ship

Andaman Princess cruise ship has a lot of exclusive and standard cabins, so visitors should select the most suitable cabin for them. In addition, these cruises offer the most delicious dinners and hottest means of recreation or customers.

From the end of May to October, there is a tour lasting from 3 to 4 days that visitors can discover islands and undersea life in Thailand Bay, Koh Samui, Koh Tao village and Ang Thong Conservation.

From November to the beginning of May, Andaman provides another tour in which tourists can enjoy the amazing air by surfing on the most famous beaches like Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi, and so on.

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