A-Z Iceland insider guides

A-Z Iceland insider guides

Iceland is increasingly one of the most favorite tourist destinations all over Europe thanks to its special beauty of nature. Although the country doesn’t have as many impressive buildings as other countries, you will absolutely fall in love with the spectacular natural landscapes there. Let us give you the A-Z insider guides before you make a travel tour to Iceland.

When is the best time to come?

If you think you can find only ice and coldness in the country, then you have to follow the post to have a better insight into the 4-season beauty there, which catches great attention of so many locals and foreigners. Warm spring, cool summer, romantic fall and impressive winter will definitely blow your mind away.


tumblr-o0n98bgvvf1riijaro7-1280-1502267107An impressive Iceland in spring

Spring in Iceland often starts from April to June when the day time is longer than the night one, which gives visitors many chances to explore every corner in Iceland with cheap prices. However, you are highly recommended to book tickets in advance as during that time the flight schedule is quite limited.


This is the high season in Iceland, starting from June to August. At the time, you can enjoy the cool atmosphere rather than the hot heat like in other countries. But if you are looking for a peaceful place to escape the busy and modern life, summer is not suitable.


When it comes to autumn, the weather is more likely to be colder and thus you can find a lot of promotion programs for tourists. One of the most interesting attractions you can’t miss is the Northern Light Phenomenon.


iceland-weather-1502267181Iceland in winter is worth visiting as well

The weather of Iceland in winter is extremely cold, so you have to bring enough warm clothes. Don’t think Iceland in winter has nothing to offer, instead, try to keep warm and take home the most wonderful trip ever.

What to eat?

The impressive cuisine in Iceland has a long history. The main ingredients that Icelanders usually cook are lamb, fish and milk.

Þorramatur is well-known as the national dish of the beautiful country which is served in January and February. Likewise, there’s things like Hákarl, graflax, hangikjöt, slátur, skyr, etc. that won’t make you disappointed.

How to get around?

pedelec-adventures-com-iceland-challenge-2013-06-22-041357-joekulsarlon-sb-dsc-5389-web-1502267313A bike will be an interesting way to explore Iceland

After setting feet on Iceland, you can use cars, buses and taxis to get around and explore its beauty. In particular, if you want to make a short trip to nearby areas, ferries would be the best bet. It’s also possible to admire the scenery in the country by bike or by foot as well.

Where to visit?

There are obviously so many wonderful tourist destinations in Iceland you have to set feet at least once in a lifetime. But if your time is limited, let’s take the priority to go to and explore the following must-see attractions in the famous tourist country first.

Reykjavik capital & Blue Lagoon

9-1-1502267396Blue Lagoon - one of the best places to relax in Iceland

Reykjavik – the capital of Iceland has the population of 300,000 people. The name of the site means beautiful and imposing mountains annually covered with fog and ice in Iceland. From Reykjavik, it just takes you few minutes to come to some spectacular natural landscapes. One of the must-see is Blue Lagoon – the largest hot pool in the country.

Coming to the famous attraction in Iceland, you will have the chances to enjoy bathing in the warm water which is rich in healthy minerals or body massaging while admiring the imposing majesty of the surrounding scenery.

Northern Light

northern-lights-29-1502267469Amazing Northern Light that you have to experience once in a lifetime

It would be a big mistake you missed the most famous attraction in Iceland. Northern Light is a special phenomenon in which colorful lights run through the sky. The lights constantly change and move, creating one of the most wonderful landscapes in the world.

The golden waterfall of Gullfoss


Imposing Gullfoss waterfall in winter

The beautiful country of Iceland is home to more than 10,000 waterfalls, but Gullfoss is widely known as the most beautiful the world over. This tourist destination is located on Haviban river which originated from Langiokull.

The waterfall looks gorgeous all year round, so you can visit the site whenever you want. However, winter is highly recommended due to the fact that Gulfoss is iced when winter comes, from which you can see with your own eyes the 2-floor-iced cascade and take home the most amazing photos ever.

Let’s come to Iceland to admire yourself the stunning and excellent beauty of nature there. Hope it would be a perfect trip with lots of fun and interesting experiences.

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