Best Caribbean islands for a travel tour

Best Caribbean islands for a travel tour

Are you a fan of the world-famous movie series Pirates of the Caribbean? Did you use to laugh out loud with hilarious moves of the handsome but weird Jack Sparrow? Then, let’s make a travel tour to see the true beauty of this Caribbean Ocean, the home of devilish yet funny pirates. Once you have checked out this list of intriguingly beautiful islands, the image of the Caribbean in your thought will be more than just the sea of pirates.


Stepping on the territory of Anguilla, you will be overwhelmed by its shimmering blue seawater, mesmerizing sand coasts, palm and coconut trees, which create a perfect model of a Mediterranean tropical island. With 33 bathing sections featuring eye-catching bars, reggae melodies, Anguilla is suitable for outdoor barbecue parties.

Caribbean islands

Anguilla, the island of sunshine and mesmerizing beaches

In addition, you should not miss eating a range of fresh seafood caught from the Caribbean Ocean. To enhance your experience, you can join in exciting water sports like diving, snorkeling, glass-bottomed kayaking, swimming with dolphins or just simply enjoying a cocktail while getting your tanned skin by sunbathing.


Let’s spice things up by a travel tour on the famous tourist destination! Coming to the untouched landscape of Grenada, you will be drawn into the colorful and authentic lifestyle of the locals. Moreover, the destination is famous for its underwater sculpture park where Pure Grenada Dive Fest takes place. Join in the dive and admire the beauty of the coral reef, marine life of sharks, turtles, even catch the sight of ship vessels.

Caribbean islands

Every experience you have in Grenada is 'pure' and 'fresh'

Guided hikes with routes including untamed natural scenery are also popular here. With sea lovers, sailing is an amazing choice. Do not hesitate to get to know the cultural life of Grenada by participating in annual festivities and tasting local with rich flavors of Creole, Caribbean and West Indies.


Gifted with an abundant ecosystem, Dominica cannot be missed during your travel tour to the Caribbean. Aside from crystal blue water of common beaches, tourists are also intrigued by the unusual color of Black Sand Beach, not to mention a plenty of hot springs in Trafalgar Falls, Rodneys Retreat, Shangri La, etc.

Caribbean islands

Enjoy your time in the island of Dominica

With experienced diver, the heart of the sea in the famous tourist destination is worth exploring. The area offers over 40 different spots for scuba diving and snorkeling. Each will take you to the colorful life of marine species like turtles, types of corals, whales and much more. Among the diving spots of the travel tour, Champagne Reef is the most interesting diving destination for its geothermal bubbles and captivating undersea scenery.

Saint Lucia

Caribbean islands

No one can deny the stunning landscape of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Caribbean with fertile and verdant landscape and a pristine blue sea. In St. Lucia, your experience will not be all about swimming, diving, and kayaking. Sea trek tours are also popular there.

Want refreshment? Let’s perform a hike to well-known craters such as Pitons, Morne Fortune or enjoy spa treatments with mud baths during the travel tour. There’s a large number of resorts on the island. Fans of Jazz will be excited to join jazz music festivals often held annually during spring months. If you want to get cheap airline tickets, it is recommended not to come in high seasons.

Turks and Caicos

Caribbean islands

The turquoise water of the beaches in Turks and Caicos

The images of pure white sand coasts and mesmerizingly turquoise beaches of Turks and Caicos are hard to forget. Offering high-class hotels and resorts like Turks & Caicos Resort Villages & Spa, Gansevoort Turks & Caicos, Stargazer, etc.

The area reunites irresistible diving spots and enchanting marine life in Bight Reef, Smith's Reef. The beaches are suitable for scuba diving, snorkeling, and even jet skiing, fly-boarding. The famous tourist destination is recommended as one of the must-visit beaches during the travel tour to the Caribbean.


Caribbean islands

A captivating sunset scene in Martinique

Bring more spices to your journey in the tropical paradise of Martinique. As a volcanic island, Martinique is home to Mont Pelée, a smoldering volcano. It is also one of the best choices for budget travelers with cheap airline tickets.

Aside from captivating beaches, the charm of Martinique Island also includes hiking to bays, mountains, and rainforests, not to mention 25 historic sites; one of them was the birthplace of Napoleon’s wife: Queen Josephine.


Caribbean islands

Hilton Barbados, a well-known resort in Barbados Island

The glamorous coasts of Barbados are ideal places to spend summertime. The mild currents of the western beaches are suitable for swimming and diving, while the eastern waves offer a great field for surfing and other extreme sports. The rich flavors of Barbados’s culinary culture definitely add more spices to your journey. Don’t leave the place when you haven’t tasted the local rum.


Caribbean islands

Jamaica is impressive with natural landscapes

Jamaica is well-known as “land of wood and water”. The phrase is the brief description of the natural beauty of the enchanting island. Featuring a tropical vibe, the Mediterranean oasis offers breath-taking beaches, hiking tours in rainforests, towering cliffs and an abundant bird life.

Let's make a travel tour to enjoy shopping time in Montego, relax in a spa located in Ocho Rios and don’t forget to explore the spectacular cuisine of Jamaica! Rick's Cafe in Negril is an excellent spot to have a cup of cocktail and admire the sunset.

St. Martin

Caribbean islands

The Dutch side of St. Martin

Coming to the poetical land of Saint Martin, you will be surprised at the mix of cultures including Caribbean, France, and Netherlands. Due to the multicultural feature, the lifestyle of islanders is divided into 2 sides: Sint Maarten (Dutch name) of Dutch people is eventful and vibrant; meanwhile, the French version of St. Martin delivers exquisitely charming tranquility.

Puerto Rico

Caribbean islands

Exploring natural caves of Puerto Rico is ideal for adventurers

The famous tourist destination has already been too famous with attractive salsa dances and a vibrant community. Combining spectacular features from mesmerizing beaches, pristine caves to eventful nightlife, Puerto Rico is home to the city of San Juan whose age is over 500 years old.

Old San Juan, La Perla, historic forts and a huge number of museums in San Juan will occupy your time in Puerto Rico. Moreover, with explorers, a tour in El Yunque Rainforest, which owns waterfalls, beautiful rock formations, and colorful wildlife, will add to the excitement of the trip.

Each Caribbean island possesses a distinguished charm that draws traveler’s interest. Those islands are definitely excellent choices to fulfill your travel tour to the Caribbean.

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