Check-in these stunning natural places in Iceland now!

Check-in these stunning natural places in Iceland now!

Iceland is well-known as one of the most amazingly wonderful spots in Europe. Having the position in one of the most active volcano sites all over the world, at the edge of the Arctic Circle, Iceland is extremely famous among international tourists. With a lot of interesting activities and beautiful natural places, Iceland is really an ideal destination for those who are still hesitating about where to spend their rare and precious holiday in this summer.

Here are some stunning natural places in Iceland with their special characteristics for you to easily choose one which is the most suitable for you and your family.

1. Blue Lagoon

7-1500279742Overall view of Blue Lagoon

Located in southwestern Iceland, Blue Lagoon possesses a unique landscape with 40-degree-centigrade water all year round and ice-and-snow background. The lagoon is a man-made lagoon which is a by-product of the nearby Svartsengi geothermal power factory.

The lagoon’s warm water is rich in minerals so many people who are suffering from skin diseases come there to bath with the aim of treating their diseases. Its temperature averages 37–39 °C or 99–102 °F. This location is also the most visited site for photographing due to its impressive view.

2. Great Geyser

maxresdefault-1500279793Great Geyser is spurting boiling water

Like Blue Lagoon, Great Geyser is also situated in southwestern Iceland. This is a geyser being active more than 10,000 years ago. The geyser can spout boiling water up to the height of 70 meters in the air when the water reaches the boiling point. The scene of spurting water coming with steam is so astonishing that is really worth seeing with your own eyes.

3. Lake Myvatn

summer-7-day-self-drive-tour-north-iceland-amp-myvatn-19-1500279838Shallow and eutrophic Myvatn Lake

Myvatn is a lake which can be found in a region of active volcanoes in the north of Iceland. The lake is shallow with surrounding wetlands filled with rich fauna of waterbirds, especially birds. This spot has the prestige of being one of the best tourist attraction in Iceland. A large number of travelers visit this place every year to contemplate the most famed waterfall in Europe – the waterfall of the Gods, to see diversified bird life, numerous volcanic craters and many pretty lakes.

4. Asbyrgi Canyon

asbyrgi-20canyon-20overlooking-20copy-2000px-1500279873Green Asbyrgi Canyon

This is a canyon lies in the north of Iceland, one part of famous Jokulsargliufur National Park. The canyon is 3.5 kilometers in length and 1.1 kilometers across. Its walls are 100 meters high. Breeding season is the right time for tourists who want to watch fulmars there.

5. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

seljalandsfoss-waterfall-iceland-1500279916Admire the beautiful Seljalandsfoss

Being one of the most noted natural places in Iceland, Seljalandsfoss is sited in the south region. All tourists who pay a visit to the waterfall can have a chance to walk behind it to arrive into a small cave. While walking behind the 60-meter high waterfall, the verdant green setting and hazy environment will absolutely satisfy travelers with the feeling of being indulged in a beautiful countryside.

6. Glymur Waterfall

615704-1500279961Explore Glymur Waterfall

With the height of 198 meters, Glymus is the second highest waterfall in Iceland, just after Morsarfoss Waterfall. The view of flowing streamlets into mysterious canyon covered by overgrown mosses brings to it a graceful and charming beauty that all kinds of tourists will have the desire to explore.

7. Gullfoss Waterfall

gullfoss-1500279997Gullfoss Waterfall or Golden Falls

Gullfoss is also named as Golden Falls, placed in a canyon of Hvita river in southwest Iceland. This site’s beauty is so impeccable that transcends anyone’s power of description. You cannot imagine how flawless it is by just seeing photos or reading reviews on the internet, the best way is to go and see in person.

8. Raufarholshellir

11194837173-952e49e86d-b-1500280038One corner of Raufarholshellir

The lava tunnel can be easily accessed all year round that tourists just have to go 30 minutes from Reykjavik to arrive Raufarholshellir which is one of the longest lava caves in Iceland. This tube is estimated to be 1360 meters long with four entrances. Travelers will have a unique experience when having a trip to this breathtaking spot, walking into this lava-tube cavern and witnessing the inner working of a volcanic eruption.

9. Latrabjarg

l-c3-a1trabjarg-20bird-20cliffs-20-2028-20130723-20for91days-com-1500280067Birds in Latrabjarg

Latrabjarg is the westernmost point in Iceland (called as endpoints of the earth) as well as one of the biggest bird cliffs in Europe. It is a safe home to uncountable kinds of birds including puffins, northern gannets, guillemots and razorbills due to its foxes-free feature. If you want to take photos of birds, you cannot forget this captivating destination.

10. Hornbjarg

8623195595-fa68b839b1-b-1500280109One towering cliff of Hornbjarg

At the top of Hornstrandir nature reserve, it is not easy to reach Hornbjarg. However, the place will treat them well with its spectacular views of the dramatic cliffs and coastline.

Together with a wide range of beautiful natural places in Iceland, the land is waiting for you to come, to discover the rugged landscape, to experience Icelandic nature and to love this country more.

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