Discover top ten most wonderful libraries in the world

Discover top ten most wonderful libraries in the world

Wonders of the world are not only natural landscapes, unique architectures but also the broad knowledge of human. It is said that each library is an encyclopedia of humankind. Have you ever set your foot in the world’s most stunning libraries to discover the outside? If not, why don’t you take a trip to those libraries to feel how great our planet is.

Sainte-Genevieve, France

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Sainte-Genevieve library in France

Not just being a public library for readers, Sainte-Genevieve is the place where visitors can feast their eyes on unique architecture of the 1800s. Comprised of about 2 million documents, it had become the largest repository of books as soon as it was completed. The library is home to precious volumes telling fascinating stories about monastic life.

Sainte-Genevieve is an ideal destination to immerse yourself in an interesting old book or indulge your passion for famous bibles. Don’t forget to check in this amazing library.

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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Welcome to Admont Abbey library

Located in the beautiful Ireland, Trinity College Dublin is the largest library in this country. It is home to a wide range of manuscripts, books, maps which reflect the significant development of the academic world. Coming here one day, you will be overwhelmed by its incredible size with an excellent collection of the most wonderful works of the world more than 400 years ago. The library holds its own treasures called “The book of Kells” and “The book of Durrow”, which help to draw thousands of tourists every year.

As the one and only library cooperated with the United Kingdom, Trinity College Dublin is a huge source of information providing people with endless understanding about their ancestors’ life as well as the beauty of knowledge.

Admont Abbey, Austria

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The attractive architecture of the library

On the serene Enns River of the lovely Austria lies one of the world’s most impressive libraries named Admont Abbey. In fact, it is the Benedictine monastery housing an outstanding ancient scientific works. Following the distinctive architecture of the Baroque era, the abbey will certainly mesmerize anyone right on the first tour around the library.

70,000 volumes are preserved as the priceless treasure taking people to the ancient world. In addition, 1,400 manuscripts are vivid illustrations of the bygone era.

Umimirai Kanazawa, Japan

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Outlook of Umimirai Kanazawa library, Japan

Covering a wide area of over 2000 square meters, Umimirai Kanazawa is one of the most outstanding libraries in Japan. The idea of surrounding people with books helps to create a perfect space for reading and exploring the richness of human’s knowledge.

The library welcomes tourists all around the world with not only a comfortable atmosphere but also an exclusive selection of materials. It enables visitors to feel the joy of reading and evaluate the effectiveness of self-studying.

Seattle Central, America

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Incredible Seattle Central library

Capturing travelers’ attention right at the first sight, Seattle Central can be regarded as the masterpiece of architects Rem Koolhaas, Joshua Prince-Ramus and numerous engineers. The 11-storey glass and steel building sparkles in the glorious sunshine, making anyone fall in love right from the outside.

It is the construction materials that help to make a wonderful space inside. Entering the library, tourists can admire the extraordinary beauty of brilliant sunlight slanting through the glass. Millions of books are stored here as the witnesses to the past. It must be great to enjoy your free time with an intriguing book in such a unique space.

Royal library of Alexandria, Egypt

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Amazing Royal library of Alexandria, Egypt

Dedicated to the Muses – the goddess of literature, science and arts, the library on the shore of the Mediterranean sea is among the most important ones of the old world. Built in the third century, BC, the Royal library of Alexandria differs from others in its way of storing materials. Books are kept in papyrus scrolls as the fruits of great thinkers of all times.

It was burnt many times so it is hard to know exactly how many scrolls are contained here today. However, it is worth your visit. So, don’t miss a chance to enter into this alluring library.

Library of Parliament, America

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Library of Parliament, America

It must be a big mistake if not putting Library of Parliament, the USA on the list of top ten most incredible libraries around the world. Since its first completion in 1800, it has served as one of the largest and most significant library on this planet.

What impresses tourists when dropping by the Library of Parliament is its royal architectural style and of course, influential works of time. 30 million books were carefully collected and conserved. Others were written by hand and translated into 470 different languages.

British Library, England

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The stunning outside of British Library, England

Living up to its reputation as the world’s second largest library in terms of catalogued items, the British library boasts over 170 million pieces collected from many regions all around the world. It functions as a research library where people can look for the best of rare digitals and prints. Nothing is better than sitting in a big hall and fulfill your love for reading.

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, America

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This is one of the most famous libraries in America you shouldn't miss

Situated in Connecticut - the southernmost state of America, Beinecke earns its name as one of the largest libraries in the Land of Opportunity. What makes it special is a repertory of rare books and manuscripts. Standing in the campus of the prestigious Yale university, the library creates a great inspiration for researchers all over the world. A modern library with timeworn books promises to bring about a relaxing and magical time with knowledge.

Lawrence Public library, America

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the interesting place also offers space for children

An open space for reading - a modern architecture harmonized with the nature surrounding makes the name Lawrence stand out in the list of the world’s top marvellous libraries. A contemporary outlook with a stylish design helps to attract both local and foreign book lovers.Who comes here once will not want to leave. It is also noteworthy that the library is a good environment for children to satisfy ttheir curiosity about the world outside.

Reading is not only a meaningful activity but also an effective way of entertainment. The above libraries successfully make the dream of readers worldwide come true. Let’s travel and discover the world of knowledge in those stunning places.

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