European travel tour: Places to see the Northern Lights

European travel tour: Places to see the Northern Lights

If you want to make a cheap European travel tour, don't miss the following wonderful tourist destinations where you can have a chance to admire the Northern Lights - one of the most impressive natural phenomena in the world with cheap airline tickets.

Tromso, Norway

Located in the northernmost region and on Arctic Circle, the prospering city of Norway delivers a wide panoramic of Arctic scenery, rich culture and exciting outdoor activities like whale spotting, dog sledding, sea fishing, and snowmobiling. Moreover, tasty seafood and appealing hotels are awaiting your exploration, and we cannot forget Northern Lights, the muse of the travel tour (the best time to see is from mid-November to mid-January). the Northern Lights

Tromso is named as 'Northern Lights City'

Not as cold as other Arctic territories, the weather of Tromsø is much warmer thanks to the influence of Gulf Stream. Aside from the natural beauty and interesting sports, the variety of pieces of music, from traditional jazz to international tunes, will blow you away. Stop by concerts or festivals to immerse in catchy or harmonious melodies.

Salekhard, Russia

As talking about admiring the truthful beauty of Northern Lights, the north of Russia would tend to have more potential than the southern part. Unfortunately, due to the incredibly harsh weather of the northern area, people usually pass the chance to witness those enchanting glowing lines. Located on the Arctic Circle, Salekhard is a promising destination to make a travel tour to admire aurora among captivating surroundings.

The sky of Salekhard is often illuminated sky by the Northern Lights in these moths: February, March, September, and October. For its signature green shade, the Northern Lights in Salekhard is also called as “Nger Harp – the light of the dead” by the local people.

the Northern Lights

Nger Harp of Salekhard

Kakslauttanen, Finland

Just so you know, Northern Lights hunters won’t back down at any obstacle to seek for a chance of witnessing those mysterious lights. Can’t blame them though since once you take a glance at the spectacular beauty of Northern Lights, it’s a life-changing moment. You can catch the sight of them in the middle of the captivating wilderness of Kakslauttanen.

the Northern Lights

Witness the beauty of the lights inside an ice igloos in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

If you cannot handle the cold, let’s make your way to Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, which offers unique glass igloos, cozy logs, has become a familiar accommodation where there’s a high potential of seeing the aurora from late August to April.

During the day of the travel tour, you can take part in interesting outdoor activities like dog and reindeer sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing. At night, the most interesting thing is sleeping under the stars. For instance, you can lie down on a warm and comfortable bed inside your glass igloo and still be able to contemplate the starry sky and glowing lights.

Kiruna, Sweden

The famous tourist destination is situated on the northernmost of Sweden. Belonged to the municipality of Lapland and not too far away from Abisko National Park located in the Northern Lights Circle, Kiruna delivers a high proportion of meeting those mesmerizing lights and another exotic natural phenomenon: midnight sun.

the Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Kiruna Lapland

The untouched landscape of Kiruna is ideal for skiing, ice skating, reindeer sledding, and horse riding not to mention you can stay in Ice Hotel 365, one of the most well-known ice hotels on Earth! Moreover, you can participate in occasional events like book or film festivals or visit a winter market in Kiruna. Aurora Sky Station with the height of 900 m compared to the sea level offers a great position to to make a travel tour admiring Northern lights up close.

Tórshavn, Faroe

the Northern Lights

It's not so hard to find Northern Lights in Faroe, Norway

Being a part of Denmark, which is famous for quaint structures and a peaceful atmosphere, the famous tourist destination seem to be prominent with their unspoiled natural features such as Gasadalur Waterfall. Hidden between the Faroe Islands, the colorful town of Tórshavn appears to be promising to catch the sights of aurora borealis. The biggest bonus here is that the tranquillity of Tórshavn fits very well with this kind of experience plus a captivating landscape.

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

The frequency of seeing Northern Lights in Greenland is very high, especially in Kangerlussuaq. The potential months lengthens from September till April. You can see aurora in most of the terrains in Kangerlussuaq, even at the airport and no need to travel too far.

Want to add more flavors to your experience? Renting a boat to floating on the surface of the water while watching the glowing lights is an excellent idea during your travel tour!

the Northern Lights

The mesmerizing image of aurora borealis in the sky of Kangerlussuaq

Jökulsárlón, Iceland

the Northern Lights

Explore hidden ice caves and contemplate the aurora in Jökulsárlón

Named as the kingdom of ice and fire, the famous tourist destination is flourishing with its gifted natural wonders, and Jökulsárlón is definitely one of them. During winter, tourists make their way to Jökulsárlón by taking cheap flights in order to explore the land of icebergs, Vatnajökull glacier with appealing ice caves, and one special thing, Northern Lights. In Jökulsárlón, you might not need to wait till the night comes since these lights might appear at daytime as well. The tours to Jökulsárlón usually start from the municipality of Reykjavik.

Skye Islands, Scotland

If you are already been wowed by the captivating sunset scenery of the isles of Skye, you would even be more surprised when you see the Northern Lights, thanks to the fact that Skye is not likely exposed to light pollution. Like other northern regions, Sky Islands displays aurora scenery on a clear night sky during winters in many spots.

the Northern Lights

Admire the sky full of stars with an enhancement of Northern Lights

Besides, the area is also an ideal stargazing site with a large number of interesting tourist spots like Skyeskyns (an exhibition tannery), 5-star Dunvegan Castle & Gardens, Bright Water Visitor Centre, Portree (a thriving town), Museum of Island Life or the rugged peak of the Black Cuillin.

Making your wish of seeing the waving lights in the sky comes true by making a European travel tour to outstanding spots to see Northern Lights above. Remember to bring your camera to capture the moment.

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