Have you ever known any the isolated house? Follow us!

Have you ever known any the isolated house? Follow us!

Sometimes we might want to get away from city's hustled life and find a place that totally has no noise, crowds and stress. There are people who actually made their dream come true with their own isolated small kingdom. The following article will introduce you the list of the most isolated houses in the world.

1. The Holy Trinity Monastery, Greece

Situated in the Peneas Valley, Kalabaka, the Holy Trinity Monastery is known as one of the most isolated houses in the world. It lies on the top of a rocky precipice which is about 400 metres in height. This is one out of 24 monasteries that were built at Meteora. However, only 6 of them are now opened to the public and the Holy Trinity Monastery is considered the oldest one which was constructed between the 14th and 15th century. Before reaching the monastery’s entrance, visitors have to pass 140 steps that are carved into the cliff.

the isolated house

The Holy Trinity Monastery

2. Just Room Enough Island, Canada

Just Room Enough Island is a part of the Thousand Islands which include 1864 islands lying around the US-Canada border. Just Room Enough Island sits in the midst of Saint Lawrence River in Canada. The island is well-known because it has enough area to support only one house. Therefore, the house is obviously among the most isolated houses on Earth. It was built in the 1950s by the Sizeland family.

the isolated house

Just Room Enough Island

3. The Crystal Mill, USA

Also known as the Old Mill, the Crystal Mill which lies on an outcrop on the Crystal in Colorado, USA is a wooden powerhouse constructed in 1893. This is a power plant for the Sheep Mountain Tunnel. The Crystal Mill is much like a compressor station that used a water turbine to drive an air compressor. After that, it was used to power some tools and machinery. The Crystal Mill has been disused since 1917.

the isolated house

The Crystal Mill

4. Hermitage of San Colombano, Italy

Hermitage of San Colombano, also known as Eremo di San Colombano, in Trambileno, Italy is totally an isolated house. Located on the side of the mountain, the Hermitage of San Colombano is at the height of approximately one hundred and twenty meters up the cliff face. The house seems to be built for a specific reason that it doesn’t want to be disturbed by the inhabitants far from the crown below. Hermitage of San Colombano is an ideal place for spiritual contemplation.

the isolated house

Hermitage of San Colombano

5. Katskhi Pillar, Central Georgia

This is a natural limestone monolith which is situated in the village of Katskhi in Chiatura, Western Georgia. With an altitude of about 40 meters, Katskhi Pillar overlooks Katskhura river valley which is an affluent of Q’virila River. The pillar is said to be first mentioned in the 18th century by Prince Vakhushti. It was not until 1944 that the Katskhi Pillar was climbed by the mountaineers. Nowadays, it is inhabited by a Georgian monk.

the isolated house

Katskhi Pillar

6. The House in the Island of Ellidaey, Iceland

The house lies on the beautiful isolated Ellidaey Island in Vestmannaeyjar archipelago which is near the southern coast of Iceland. About 300 years ago, this island was inhabited by 5 families subsisting by fishing, raising cattle and hunting puffins. However, the last permanent inhabitants left in the 1930s. Today, this single solitary mysterious cabin is a shelter for a local hunting association that hunts puffins on the island.

the isolated house

The House in the Island of Ellidaey

7. Cougar Peak Lookout, USA

The Cougar Peak Lookout is situated on Cougar Peak in Montana, USA, at the height of more than 2000 metres abve the sea level. Though this is not exactly a house, it’s still worth mentioning. Constructed in 1952, the Cougar Peak Lookout can accommodate 2 to 4 people. Overlooking Clark Fork River, this wooden lookout provides people with breath-taking views of the surrounding areas. It is featured with a single bed, a wood stove, two chairs and a table.

the isolated house

Cougar Peak Lookout

8. Isolated House on Swedish Coast

This lonely house is located on a 137-square-metre island that is only a few miles outside of Stockholm, Sweden. The modern secluded residence is renowned for its lovely glass doors and a wooden deck. There is also an outdoor sauna so as the residents can relax comfortably in the cold weather of Sweden.

the isolated house

Isolated House on Swedish Coast

9. Casa do Penedo, Portugal

The next isolated house we want to introduce you is Casa do Penedo. Also called as House of Stone or Stone Castle it is a two-storey house. It was built among 4 large boulders in Portugal in 1974. The house was used as a family’s rural retreat. With the total area of 137 square meters, Casa do Penedo owns a guest room, a beautiful living room and a kitchen. Notably, its glass doors lead out to a big bridge deck. Today, it is a small museum of relics and photograph. Annually, it attracts many tourists as well as architecture enthusiasts.

the isolated house

Casa do Penedo

10. Solvay Hut, Switzerland

Built in 1915, Solvay Hut lies on Matterhorn’s north-western ridge in Valais, Switzerland. It was named after its founder who is a Belgian chemist and industrialist named Ernest Solvay. Today, Solvay Hut is owned by the Swiss Alpine Club. With an altitude of around 4000 meters, it is considered as the highest mountain hut which is used in case of emergency only. There are a radiotelephone and 10 beds in the hut. This isolated house is actually strange.

the isolated house

Solvay Hut

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