Hot springs in Iceland you have to come

Hot springs in Iceland you have to come

Located in a sensitive spot, with continuous geothermal activity, Iceland is not only full of ice but also fire. The combination of ice and fire made this place the paradise of hot springs, as you can find a great hot spring in almost every part of the country.

Since it is near the Arctic, it is hard to survive in Iceland without the warmness of hot springs, which are also one of their most popular attractions. If you want to have a warm vacation in this cold area, here are the best hot springs in Iceland to choose from.

1. Reykjadalur

Hot springs in Iceland

Don't miss the famous hot spring in Iceland

Reykladalur is one of the most popular hot springs in Iceland due to its location near Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. While most natural hot springs lie deep in the mountain or far from the residential area, it only takes you 45 minutes drive from the capital to a small town called Hveragerði, where you can easily hike up to the place.

Even though the hike is quite easy, it is not advisable for people who have Acrophobia (afraid of heights) since you will encounter a narrow valley with steep and high rocky walls on the way to the hot spring. However, there will be a stunning waterfall there which makes every effort worth. The whole hiking may take you from 45 to 90 minutes, depends on how long you stop for a rest and to capture the beauty of the scenery on the way.

Hot springs in Iceland

This is known as the natural hot spring in Iceland

When you get to the famous attraction, you will want to remain it to "hot river" as the spring is so wide and deep just like a warm river. The name of the spring is Steam Valley, as for the whole valley which you just come through. To keep Reykjadalur as natural as possible, local people want to leave the spring as it is, so there will be no facilities up there, even for changing your clothes.

2. Seljavallalaug

Hot springs in Iceland

Seljavallalaug, the man-made hot pool

Opposite to the natural hot spring, Reykjadalur, is the man-made hot pool, Seljavallalaug. In 1923, a 25-meter-long and 10-meter-wide pool was constructed in the middle of a mountainside in a small valley to the south of Iceland. Thanks to this perfect location, the surrounding of the pool is breathtaking. The source of the pool's water is from a natural hot spring though.

Since the pool is man-built, there will be rooms for changing clothes and re-wash. It is recommended to re-wash after relaxing in the pool due to the fact that they only clean the pool once every summer. However, Seljavallalaug was completely covered in volcanic ash in 2010, from the terrible eruption of Eyjafjallajökull.

Hot springs in Iceland

Amazing view of the famous attraction

To get there, drive from the capital Reykjavík to the south on the main road, through Selfoss and Hvolsvöllur. Turn left right before passing Skógafoss and get to a dirt road which leads to Seljavellir. After a couple of hours, you will get Seljavallalaug eventually.

3. Víti in Askja

Hot springs in Iceland

Víti in Askja is literally translated into "Hell"

As one of the most thrilling places to come, yet always in the must-go list of adventurous travelers, Víti in Askja, which is literally translated into "Hell" is a tempting destination in Iceland. Unlike the two other hot springs, it is quite hard to get Víti in Askja since its location is quite far from the capital. Moreover, the way to the dangerous hot spring is also quite difficult.

Despite all of those troubles, many people still try to get there every year, as they cannot resist the exciting feeling of staying inside a volcanic crater. The average temperature of the hot spring here is around 20 to 60 Celcius degree depending on the position of the spring. The east side of the crater is usually hotter, and at some spots, the water could be boiling.

Hot springs in Iceland

Be amazed at the impressive beauty of the pool

The bottom of the spring is muddy while the surface of the hot water is full of sulfur, which could be quite dangerous sometimes. However, it still remains as one of the most amazing hot springs in Iceland as people can never forget the feeling of standing on the edge of a volcanic crater or "Hell".

Bonus: Grjótagjá

Hot springs in Iceland

Grjótagjá - a magnificent hot spring inside a rock cave

Grjótagjá, or Rocky Cleft, is a magnificent hot spring inside a rock cave. The water is too hot to bathe in so it is forbidden to bathe in the water. However, the spectacular beauty is what makes this place a secret treasure. Come and enjoy the hidden landscape in a hidden cave.

Which one out of these is your favorite? If you could not decide, why not coming to Iceland to try them all with your own eyes and choose the best one. However, with these best hot springs in Iceland, it will be hard to decide.

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