How to experience Iceland next summer? Follow us!

How to experience Iceland next summer? Follow us!

Iceland is also called "The Island of ice and fire". It is located between the Greenland and the North Atlantic Ocean in the northwest of the United Kingdom. Recently, Iceland has attracted a great number of international tourists for its beautiful natural scenery including peaceful countryside, high mountains, glaciers, majestic waterfalls, etc. This country is suitable for many types of tourism.


Iceland- the country of natural beauty

The island has a contrasting climate. While the southern coast of Iceland is warm and damp, the north coast is dry and cold. Besides, the inland areas are extremely dry and the there are more snow falls in northern Iceland than in any other areas. Moreover, while the coast of Iceland has a relatively temperate climate, the central highlands are extremely cold and often uninhabited.


Come here in summer and you will have a memorable trip

If you don't know where to go in this summer, let's pack your luggage and travel to Iceland to enjoy a wonderful summer. Before discussing top things to do in this country in summer, we have some tips for you.

Tips to enjoy your trip in Iceland in summer

  • Bear in mind that because summer is not really hot here. So, you should prepare caefully warm clothes. As you know, Iceland is the country of glaciers and cold temperature. However, although summer here is quite warm, temperature is still around 10 – 20 Celsius degree. That's why, warm clothes are necessary for you in order to avoid getting cold.
  • For the fact that summer is the peak season, hotels and tours are soon fully booked. Therefore, tourists are encouraged to book everything in advance.

Top interesting things to do in Iceland this summer!

1. Explore Iceland's capital city

The first destination to explore Iceland for your next summer is the capital city-Reykjavik. The population here is about 150,000 people, accounting for 50% of the population in the country. However, Reykjavik is as famous as many cities in Europe. Nightlife in this city is regarded as the Europe's most exciting nightlife because of bustling bars and a large number of concert venues here.


Reykjavik- the capital city of Iceland

According to the legend, its name was set by a Norwegian captain a few centuries ago and the name Reykjavik means Steam Bay. The steam is still heating many households today as well as swimming pools throughout the city. It is the reason why indigenous people like relaxing in the heated swimming pool and the steam bath or drop in the blue waters in both winter and summer. Icelanders have turned the sauna into an art form which they can relax for hours without getting bored.

Reykjavik also captivates visitors with hiking and biking trails running across the city, along with the beautiful coastline, across parks and nature reserves. This city also has golf courses and horse riding clubs. Tourists will not have to walk much because the city center is relatively small and the public bus system is always available. You can visit Tjornin Lake to see the swans and ducklings or take the lift to the top of Hallgrimskirkja, where you will have a panoramic view of the city and explore the splendor of the region.


A bustling city

2. Swimming

Summer is the best time to swim and there are many great swimming pools for you in this country. If you are in Reykjavik, you can visit Sundholl, Sundlaug Kopavogs, Vesturbaejarlaug or Laugardalslaug. All swimming pools have enough facilities such as hot tubs, indoor and outdoor pools and even saunas.


Sundholl Reykjavik

3. Camping

Having a picnic and camping with your friends and family is a good way to enjoy your summer here. There are many camping areas in Iceland and we think that it will be a great experience for you to sleep or relax and enjoy the natural scenes.


Camping is also an interesting activity

4. Visiting glaciers

Being famous for cold temperature and glaciers, it is sure that all visitors are eager to see glaciers. Tourists usually think that glaciers are only available in winter but in fact, you can also see them in summer. However, we suggest that you should follow a tour with the guide because visiting glaciers alone is quite dangerous.


The country of glaciers

5. Enjoy the best foods of Iceland

In addition to wonderful scene, there are also many impressive dishes in this country such as the wine "Black Death", rotten shark or sheep's head ... These foods sound horror but tasty.

One of the most special and traditional foods in Iceland is Hakarl- the rotten shark. Harkal is made from the Greenland shark, a poisonous species of fish. In the traditional way, sharks are cleaned and their heads are cut off. Then they are buried from 6-12 weeks by stones, sand, and gravel. Big stones are placed on top to create weight and squeeze liquid to remove toxins such as trimethylamine oxide and uric acid. During this time, fish are also fermented. After a period of time, the sharks are put on the ground and cut into long pieces and hung up for a few months.


Hákarl (Fermented or rotten shark)

6. Watching Puffin

Puffin is a symbol of Iceland which has a beautiful red beak. Puffin birds here are very friendly that you can easily close to them. However, it should be noticed that birds nest in the dunes is close to the cliffs, so you should not be too close because the birds nesting nest many collapses. In summer, birds from the sea pull into this area to nest eggs and raise children. At the end of summer, the adult birds return to the sea to earn their living with their parents.


Puffin birds

Iceland is exactly a wonderful country to visit in summer. What are you still waiting for? Let's travel and enjoy your summer.

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