Kyoto insider guides

Kyoto insider guides

Being the Imperial capital in Japan with thousands of historic years and served as the Emperor’s residence from 794 to 1868, Kyoto is the place harboring the notorious cultural values and brilliant architecture of Japan. It is not a complete trip to Japan if you miss this ancient city where creates the perfect combination of nature, tradition and culture.

1. The best time to visit Kyoto:

Kyoto insider guides

Spring in Kyoto is always brilliant thanks to the beauty of Cherry blossoms

It is not exaggerated that Kyoto is always dazzling in certain season. However, if having chance, you should travel this spot in the cherry blossoms season or snowy days.

Sakura season is from March to May

Summer lasts from about July to the mid of September

Maple Leaves season is about October to the late of November

Snowy season starts in January and ends in February

The most impressive term in Kyoto is autumn due to the garish colors of the fall and the pleasant temperature. Consequently, this is the ideal time for tourists to travel in Kyoto.

There is always exception that you should not visit Kyoto at weekends because of the crowded space.

2. Accommodation in Kyoto:

Kyoto insider guides

The authentic style of structure in Kyoto's inns will make travelers amazed

Travelling Alone:

If you visit this place by yourself, you had better book dorm room on hostelworld with a cheap cost from ¥3000 to ¥4000. Most of hostel in Kyoto are located in Gion which is famous for many Geisha zones and busy night markets.

Travelling in group:

If you visit Kyoto with friends or family, booking an apartment is always a clever choice for convenience and low price. There are many apartments near the city center including Arashiyama, Kyoto station and Gion.

3. Means of transport:

Kyoto insider guides

JR is one of the most common vehicles to travel in this spot

From Kyoto to Tokyo:


This is the most popular vehicle that abroad wanderers and Japanese use. It is more favorable to travel if you own a JR pass. You are able to take a JR to Kyoto from the largest stations such as: Shinahawa or Tokyo.

Night Bus:

You can also catch a bus to move from other destinations to Kyoto with the cover charge from about ¥2700 to ¥5000.

Wandering Kyoto:

If you have a JR pass, you will comfortably travel around the city because these JR stations are totally linked with almost of famous spots. Nevertheless, there are some landscapes and temples in Gion touched by buses.

In case of your trip involves Nara, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Osaka and Himeji, you can consider to buy JR Kansai Area Package instead of Japan’s Package to save money.

Additionally, tourists are advised to take Kansai thru pass including subway and city bus in the areas above.

City bus pass costs only ¥500 per day, so the cover charge is about ¥1500 with the 3 days trip in Kyoto. Travelers can possess Pass at automatic machines in Kyoto center bus station.

4. Destinations in Kyoto:

Kyoto is the stretch of over 2000 temples, magnificent gardens and vibrant festivals that visitor should not pass.

The temples entrance fee is about ¥500 to ¥800, ¥1000 for gardens. Therefore, this is not economical if you intend to visit all 10 temples in a day.

Kyoto insider guides

The tranquil atmosphere there makes visitors seem to stray in fairy tales


A variety of amazing spot that attracts a lot of tourists in Arashiyama is the famous bamboo forest. It takes from 2 to 3 days to explore this place.

Visiting here, visitors can hire a bike or take a walk to explore the beauty of green and fresh bamboo. The hiring fee is ¥850, but tourists are not recommended to travel by bike because it’s hard to overcome the school of people wandering there.

Some well-known Temples in this area:

Gioji: Although this temple is rarely visited owning to its long distance, its trails is voted for the most gorgeous in Kyoto.

Tenryuji: it is recognized as the third nicest shrine in Kyoto.

5. Kyoto’s cuisine:

Travelers can consult the list of restaurants below to enjoy delicious dishes of Kyoto:

Kyoto station or restaurants in Gion seduce thousands of foodaholic yearly thanks to the tasty specialties and pretty scenes dipped in red tone of forests.

6. Recreation Activities:

Trying Kimono:

Kyoto insider guides

Wanderers can harbor their lovely trip by wearing Kimono to take photos

In Kyoto, especially in Gion and Arashiyama town, tourists can experience Kimono for both men and women hiring from souvenir shops. Even though it is so costly, about ¥3000, you take lovely and memorable photos back to your home.

Drink Matcha Latte:

Kyoto insider guides

Don't miss a chance to taste Matcha Latte in Kyoto

Matcha Latte in Kyoto is known as the most flavored kind of drink in Japan. It is not better than nipping Matcha Latte along with mochi here.

Street food in Arashiyama:

Exploring small alleys around Arashiyama, wanderers can find out numerous tasty and unique snacks. For example: Matcha fish cake, boiled eggs, Udon, Matcha ice cream, etc.

Tea ceremony:

Being one of the most famed traditional beauties of Japanese, tea ceremony should not be ignored when you visit Kyoto.

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