Make your visit in Vienna with the most magnificent churches

Make your visit in Vienna with the most magnificent churches

It is difficult to choose the most magnificent churches in Vienna, but those listed here seem to many visitors to be the most impressive. Whatever the architectural, to believers, a cathedral is a sacred and holy place of worship. Meanwhile, others may think that churches are certainly the valuable houses with the fabulous art and architecture.

1, The Church at Steinhof

‘St Leopold’s Church’ or ‘Otto Wagner Church’ are two other names of the church at Steinhof. This church was built from 1904 to 1907 by the famous architect Otto Wagner. Through a guided tour, you can access the church and contemplate the spectacular beauty inside the church. At first sight, you will be impressed by its dome four giant angels which are regarded as the best of Art Nouveau sculpture in Europe. Generally, the dome and the wings of four angels are covered by more than two kilograms of gold. Moving into the church gives you an opportunity to discover a strange structure of church. Actually, the Otto Wagner church was flooded with light. The color of cream and pastel of the walls and the furniture inside the church as well as the golden ornaments have contribution to making the church more magnificent.

magnificent churches in Vienna

The Church at Steinhof is surrounded by the lush trees

2, St. Charles’ Church

Located at the south side of the Karlsplatz, the St. Charles’ Church is known as one of the landmarks of Vienna that no tourists should ignore. It is named in the list of the most primary Baroque-style church of the Northern Alps. Apart from the unique design which is influenced by the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and Trajan’s Column in Rome, the structure of the St.Charles’ Church also represents the relation between Rome and Byzantium. The façade in the center leads to the porch and is particularly similar to a Greek temple portico.

magnificent churches in Vienna

St. Charles’ Church

3, St Nicholas’s Church

This church is sometimes called Russian Orthodox Church to the holy Nicolaus. It is actually a historic building. With the plans of the Russian architect Grigorij Iwanowitsch Kotow, the church was built between 1893 and 1899 by the Italian architect Luigi Giacomelli. Its highlight would be five golden domes and the traditional form of a Russian sacred cathedral as well.

magnificent churches in Vienna

The overview of St Nicholas’s Church from distance

4, St Stephen’s Cathedral

The magnificent St Stephen’s cathedral has stood watch over the city for more than 700 years. That’s why, it is considered one of the most important and beloved attractions in Vienna. The cathedral is about 197 meters long and 34 meters wide with four towers. Two of towers were built based on late romantic style. Pummerin – one of 13 bells of the church is famous for the second biggest free swinging bell in Europe. The interior of St. Stephen’s Cathedral is also prominent with a lot of side chapels and altars.

magnificent churches in Vienna

The second-to-none roof of St Stephen’s Cathedral

5, Greek Church of the Holy Trinity

In the first district of Vienna lies the Orthodox church. It was constructed in a great combination of Byzantine style and classical Nordic style.

magnificent churches in Vienna

The magnificent interior of the church

6, Karl Borromäus Church

The next magnificent church for you in Vienna is the Karl Borromäus Church, which is located in the 11th district. This church is the Roman Catholic church at the Vienna Central Cemetery. Together with the Church of Steinhof, the Karl Borromäus Church is also the most important art nouveau churches in the city. What are your favorite Cathedrals in Vienna, Austria? And have we missed any beautiful churches in here? Don’t hesitate, but let us know by leaving your comment in the comment box below! We really love to receive your attitude.

magnificent churches in Vienna

Inside the Karl Borromäus Church

We highly believe that our list of the most magnificent churches in Vienna can satisfy th curiosity of the church-lovers. Come to enjoy your discovery!

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