Manila insider guides

Manila insider guides

Manila is known as the capital city in the Philippines where you can get a good chance to set feet on wonderful tourist destinations and shopping centers. If you are making a travel to the country, Manila should be the first option. Let’s see what you need to know and prepare so that you can have a memorable trip there.

How to get around?

Manila insider guides

Jeepney is the most interesting way to explore Manila

The transport system in Manila is very modern. However, to easily get around and explore every corner there, the following suggestions should be taken into consideration.

By taxi: This is the best choice after you finish your flight and want to get to your accommodation quickly. The price is quite cheap with 5 dollars / hour.

By bus: Buses in Manila start early at 6.30 am. If you want to save your budget, this will be the best bet.

By jeepney: Jeepney is known as one of the most interesting and exotic means of transport in the country as well as in the capital. So if you get the chance to travel to Manila, you should try to get around by jeepney to explore all fascinating things there.

Where to stay?

Manila insider guides

The simple design but comfortable space of Lokal Hostel

The famous tourist destination of Manila offers many cheap and convenient accommodations when you can enjoy the most relaxing moments. The followings will be one of the best suggestions for you:

Lokal Hostel (3F, 5023 P. Burgos St., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City, Makati, Manila)

The price for each night is from $ 6 to $ 22, making it quite affordable for budget travelers. This is a 3-star hotel located right in the city center. The hostel is equipped with modern facilities and subtle design.

Malate Pensionne (1771 M Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila)

The accommodation costs $ 19 to $ 33 per night. It is ideally located quite near to restaurants, cafes, shopping centers and so on.

Must-see tourist destinations

Rizal Park

This is one of the best places to learn about the beautiful history of the country. Traveling to the site, you can have a good chance to capture awesome pictures of the pristine natural landscapes. The park also offers comfortable places for shopping and relaxing as well.


Manila insider guides

Green and fresh space to relax in the spot

This is a large area where you can set feet on the Greenbelt park and Greenbelt church. Apart from exploring the green landscapes and interesting tourist activities, don’t forget to get around famous shopping centers there with high-quality products of Gucci, Prada, Diesel, Aldo and so on.

Manila America Monument

The famous tourist destination in the Philippines will make you amaze immediately where you can see with your own eyes more than 17,000 of tombstone marbles which create a spectacular scene to admire.

Manila Bay

Don't miss the gorgeous scene of Manila Bay at night

Manila Bay will be the best option for those who love gorgeous and romantic views of sunrise and sunset. Most travelers come there to immerse in the peaceful atmosphere and fresh air.

Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago was built to honor the Filipino heroes imprisoned and sacrificed under the invasion of Spain and Japan. Originally, the wall was made of wood and by 1950, the wooden walls was knocked down to make a way for a 10-meter-thick stone wall and tower.

Where to eat?

It would be a pity if you leave Manila without trying its special cuisine. There are many best places for you to enjoy the wonderful dishes there.

Manila insider guides

Let's once eat on the Tree House Restaurant in Manila

Harbor View Restaurant

-- Address: Gate A, South Boulevard, Rizal Park, Manila Bay, Manila, Philippines.

-- Hours of operation: From 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM every day.

-- Price from $ 5.

Tree House Restaurant

-- Address: 29 Matalino Street, Central District, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

-- Hours of operation: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm All days of the week, including Sundays.

-- Price from: $ 5.

Aristocrat Restaurant

-- Address: 432 San Andres Street., Malate, Manila, Philippines.

-- Hours of operation: 24/24.

-- Price from $ 10.

Where to shop?

Manila insider guides

Greenhills Shopping Center in Manila

Manila is well known for its busy central business district as well as regional centers such as Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore. Therefore, travelling to Manila, you can go to shopping centers such as: Rustan, Park Square, Makati city, etc. If you want more interesting experience, Quiabo Market and Chinatown are also attractive shopping locations you should set feet on.

Manila is a wonderful tourist destination in the Philippines for those who love the exotic architectures, the impressive landscapes and the wonderful shopping experience. Let’s come and you will definitely take home the most memorable trip ever!

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