Must check-in cafe shops in Bangkok, Thailand

Must check-in cafe shops in Bangkok, Thailand

A morning waking up in Bangkok, you may feel like walking into a dreamlike place. The bustle of a modern capital and the tranquility of an ancient city leave tourists with special impressions. When talking about Bangkok, many will think of golden temples, the world of street food on vendors or floating markets full of merchandises. But some may not know that Bangkok is the hub of exquisite coffee shops that make travelers fall in love with this lovely city. Let’s find out what they are and check-in when visiting Bangkok, Thailand.

Vivi The Coffee Place

cafe shops in Bangkok

Fans of coffee shouldn’t miss Vivi the Coffee Shop

Vivi The Coffee Shop comes to tourists' mind as one of the most beautiful cafe houses in Thailand. With an elegant design inside and a natural focus outside, the shop brings about a comfortable feeling. What makes Vivi much more popular is its location next to the lovely Chao Praya river. Those who come there can find a seat overlooking the river, take a sip of a tasty cafe and see busy boats sailing back and forth. It must be a great experience.

Casa Lapin

cafe shops in Bangkok

Casa Lapin - the big name in the world of coffee, Bangkok

As the top contender in the capital city, Casa Lapin is a favorite name of any tourists when dropping in Bangkok. The shop features in small trees with lovely flowers. A cozy atmosphere will make tourists feel like being at home.

An open space where its guests can immerse in glorious sunshine while tasting fine coffee is also a highlight of Casa Lapin. Coming there, visitors can choose numerous sweet desserts to serve with a large range of drinks.

Perhaps Rabbits

cafe shops in Bangkok

The impressive decoration inside Perhaps Rabbits

Right from the first time hearing the name, you may wonder why it is Perhaps Rabbits. Only by visiting this cafe shop can you get the answer. Perhaps Rabbits looks like a wonderland with fairy characters. With unique decoration illustrating the story "Alice in Wonderland", the coffee shop brings beautiful memories of the faraway childhood to life. You may feel like getting lost in a jungle with a number of wild animals, especially cute rabbits. Besides tasty coffee, what you shouldn't miss is tasty Choking banana and Bluebunny Egg.

(UN) Fashion Cafe

cafe shops in Bangkok

(UN) Fashion Cafe from outside

Having a distinctive design with main focus on dark scheme, (UN) Fashion Cafe is an ideal place for cool shots. Wooden tables together with mellow light create a traditional but not less modern space. The café offers an excellent selection of desserts and drinks. If you are looking for a stylish place to enjoy peaceful time with friends, (UN) Fashion Cafe is a great choice for you.

Roast Coffee

cafe shops in Bangkok

Start a new day with a fine cup of coffee in Roast Coffee

Following modern architecture with high building and glass windows, Roast Coffee is a perfect stop for a group of friends. You will find it really fantastic to enjoy an amazing cafe while soaking in the bright sunlight streaming in at the windows. Menu there is also a plus. There are various dishes from many countries to satisfy any appetites. These dishes are not only delicious but also eye-catching so that you cannot stop eating them. Don't forget to take a camera with you to have stunning photos.

Porcupine Café

cafe shops in Bangkok

Welcome to Porcupine Café

A quiet atmosphere of Porcupine Café will give you a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of your busy life. The coffee shop stands out with wooden decoration materials, making a delicate style. It is also an ideal place for you to be deep in fascinating books and enjoy tranquil time for hours. The menu with various Western dishes captures the love of travelers all over the world. Don’t forget to drop by Porcupine Café when taking a walking tour around Bangkok.

Toby’s Coffee

cafe shops in Bangkok

Toby’s Coffee – one of the most famous coffee shops in Thailand

Embraced by the green scenery surrounding, Toby’s Coffee attracts tourists with a home-sweet-home atmosphere. Brick wall, natural light and lovely wooden chairs makes up an elegant architectural style. If you travel in Bangkok, don’t miss this chance to hang out with your friends in Toby’s Coffee to have wonderful moments with excellent coffee or other drinks. Furthermore, visitors can be served with the best-selling Egg Mikado, mouthwatering Crispy French Toast, etc. Let’s take a look at Toby’s Coffee after a long day strolling around the capital city.

Bangkok is the city of surprises and excitements. You can also find charming cafe shops which sell the finest coffee in Thailand. If you travel in Bangkok, it is worth checking in these shops. Let’s drop by Bangkok’s most stunning cafe shops for wonderful time with family and friends.

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