Must-come attractions in Reykjavik, Iceland

Must-come attractions in Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland's capital, Reykjavík, is small but offers many interesting activities as well as several must-come tourist attractions. The city boasts world-class music spaces, eclectic architecture, Viking history, geothermal pools and Europe's friendly and safest streets. It is also an ideal place to discover the amazing natural scenery of Iceland, where you can enjoy the beauty of the area through day trips or long-term adventures.

Laugavegur shopping street

Reykjavik is also known as a shopping paradise for travelers who are looking for something new. From the big shopping malls to the one-mile Laugavegur shopping street for outdoor activities, travelers are free to choose and learn the costumes and jewelry in the style of Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. The special point in shopping in Iceland is the tax-free policy for visitors and the tariffs are taxable there.

attractions in Reykjavik

Laugavegur shopping street is definitely an indispensable destination for shoppers

In addition, you can easily find picturesque galleries or interesting museums on the street. Festivals such as Reykjavik Arts or Airwaves Music take place in the spring and fall, a cultural occasion in the bustling region.

National and University Library of Iceland

For art lovers, National and University Library of Iceland is such a must-visit destination in Reykjavik to explore the Icelandic diverse culture. The library was established from the old factory in the picturesque harbor area of Reykjavik.

attractions in Reykjavik

Art lovers can explore the diverse culture of Iceland in there

The library owns a valuable collection of classic Icelandic artworks in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These include the works of national legends such as Asgrimur Jonsson as well as pioneers in the field of art along with international art lovers such as Pablo Picasso and Richard Serra.

Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir National Park is about 50 kilometers east of the capital, Reykjavik. At this site, you can visit the geological tectonics, gorges of the geology formed by the continental drift. Here, some places to visit can be listed as the Löbergberg cliff, where the "politicians" met in the past, Drekkingarhylur, where mothers with illegitimate children was executed.

attractions in Reykjavik

The Park possesses the most beautiful natural wonders in Iceland

An unforgettable sight at the national park is the Peningagja Gorge, where there is a crossing bridge: in the customary way, the passerby throws down the coins, while waiting for those coins before falling to the bottom of the people praying for their wishes. Recently, people have explored this gorge by diving down to professional diving equipment and swimming along the crevices. The pictures taken under the beautiful crevices are unbelievably beautiful.

Gullfoss Falls

As one of must-come tourist attractions in Reykjavik, Gullfoss Falls is a part of the Hvita River, near the city of Reykjavik in southwestern Iceland. This waterfall is not big, but it gives visitors an unforgettable impression.

attractions in Reykjavik

Gullfoss, so-called Golden Falls is a well-known symbol of Reykjavik

From distance, visitors do not have much special feel about the site. The waterfall was covered by cliffs, so visitors thought it was just a normal river flowing. Only when coming to the fall closer, witnessing the mass of water poured into the rock and hearing the roar of the thunder, can you feel the grandeur and grace of the fall.

Geysir Hot Springs

In this place, you witnessed the phenomenon of beautiful nature that is hot streams erupted from the ground by the pressure created by the heated geothermal layer and pushed up more than a dozen meters. Hot water there even can boil eggs.

attractions in Reykjavik

The eruption of the hot springs attracts a lot of visitors' attention

Today, to ensure the safety of tourists, the local government has put danger signs and stretched the fence around so that visitors cannot approach. In winter, many visitors are interested in shooting the water eruption under the blue light.

Hallgrimskirkja Church

Situated in the center of Reykjavik, the Hallgrimskirkja church is one of the world's most unique religious buildings. This massive building was built and completed over 40 years, from 1945 to 1986. The church was designed by architect Gudjon Samuelsson, who is also the father of many famous works in Iceland.

attractions in Reykjavik

Hallgrimskirkja is considered one of the world's most unique churches

The outstanding architecture of the church is the majestic tower with the height of 74 meters, which is uniquely designed like the famous natural basalt columns of Iceland. The church's main door is designed with stained glass material combined with art-rich patterns.

attractions in Reykjavik

A panoramic view of Reykjavik from the observatory

The place is also designed as an observation tower of the city. From the spot, visitors can reach the observation deck by lift to take panoramic views of Reykjavik city and surrounding scenery. Today, the attraction is a pride of Icelanders and is an unforgettable destination for visitors.

The above are just some of the must-come tourist destinations in Reykjavik, there are still many interesting things about this foggy city waiting for you to discover. Hopefully, you have enough information to plan your sightseeing, exploring, and shopping around the city.

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