Must-see attractions in West Fjords, Iceland

Must-see attractions in West Fjords, Iceland

What is a better option for a perfect summer vacation? Is it relaxing on a peaceful beach or hiking and admiring the wonderful nature on the great mountains? Let's come to West Fjords, a grand peninsula to the North West of Iceland since you can do both here, with almost 24 hours of daylight in the summer to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Due to its location near the Arctic, the weather is only from cool to ice cold, which makes West Fjords a great summer getaway for any travelers from tropical areas. Here are some suggestions to make the best out of your holiday in West Fjords.

Natural attractions

When talking about West Fjords, Iceland, it is impossible to not mention its natural beauty. Owning the advantage of location and environment, the site is blessed with numerous natural features, from the enormous mountains to the cool and fresh beaches. If you are a nature lover, then West Fjord is a must-come destination. Let's take a look at the best natural attractions in there.


West Fjords


Location: Hornstrandir is the Northernmost area in West Fjords, Iceland it is also the hardest area to access. People used to live there in the past, however, in 1950, the destination was deserted until now.

Things to see: The area is famous for the marvelous mountains by the sea. As it is near the Arctic, parts of the mountains are covered in ice and snow most of the year. Moreover, there is a light house lies on a stunning cliff which has an amazing view of the great ocean. Another interesting thing here is the Arctic Fox. These foxes are beautiful and also human-friendly, so you may expect to encounter them near your tent.

Things to do: For people who love the nature, and want to be surrounded by Mother Earth, then hiking and camping in Hornstrandir are enjoyable experiences.

Valagil ravine and Dynjandi waterfall

West Fjords

The imposing beauty of Dynjandi waterfall

Location: It is easy to get to Valagil ravine, as it is at the end of Álftafjörður, near Súðavík. As for Dynjandi waterfall, a series of waterfalls, you can find them on the Dynjandi Walking Trail of Iceland.

Things to see: As one of the greatest natural attractions, you can admire the beauty and greatness of these waterfalls from a distance.

Things to do: Valagil ravine and Dynjandi waterfall are perfect for photographers who want to capture the best moment of the landscape. Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the utmost beauty of nature here, as you can take as many photos as you want, and you can feel the great Mother Nature in a different way.

Látrabjarg cliff

West Fjords

Látrabjarg cliff

Location: As the westernmost point of Iceland, the Látrabjarg cliff is the most popular cliff in the country. Despite being far from the center, it is accessible by car.

Things to see: The Látrabjarg cliff is a tall and steep cliff, where you can feel the thrill by just standing near the edge of it. It is also home to countless birds, mostly puffins, so the view will be stunning.

Things to do: Because of the amazing scenery, the Látrabjarg cliff is a great place to show off your photography skills, have a picnic, or just simply let yourself be surrounded by nature. Bird watching is also popular here since this place is called puffins' paradise.

Cultural attractions

Besides the amazing natural features, West Fjords, Iceland is also a culture-rich area. The land used to be dominated by the Viking and their special boats in the past, which partly makes fishing become one of the most popular occupations in this administrative district. In addition, there are many interesting museums and historical buildings to admire.

Þingeyri fishing village

West Fjords

The Viking boat in Þingeyri fishing village

Location: Lies on the west-northern coast of the Fjord Dýrafjörður, Þingeyri fishing village is a tiny residential area with a population of only around 300.

Things to see: Despite its small size, the village is a historical and cultural destination, since it is the oldest community in West Fjords. You can visit the first trading port in Iceland here, or visit the mountain of Sandfel - one of the most popular sites in the area.

Things to do: The best thing that every visitor should try here is to sail on the Viking boat, a traditional boat of Iceland. Hiking on the Sandfel Mountain is also a great choice.

The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft

West Fjords

Kotbýli Kuklararns, the sorcerer's house

Location: The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft is located at the biggest town in Strandir, Hólmavík, to the east of West Fjord.

Things to see: As for its name, the museum is famous for the art of Sorcery and Witchcraft, which is quite interesting with magical runes, special potions, etc.

Things to do: Besides learning about the mystery of magic, in the summer, visitors can visit Kotbýli Kuklararns, the sorcerer's house in the further north of the museum. The special design of the house will surprise you.

All in all, West Fjords, Iceland is a wonderful place which will forever stay in heart of anyone who even just visited once. Let's take chance to have a summer vacation in the country, as it will be dark all day during the winter.

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