Must-visit museums in Vienna

Must-visit museums in Vienna

No doubt that museum is where display as well as preserve the artistic, cultural and scientific works and Vienna’s museums are the same. Each of the museums has its own values and different characteristics, which deserves to be one of the attractions in Singapore. Here is a selection of several famous museums in Vienna, Austria that might pique your interests!

1, The Kunsthistorisches Museum

The Kunsthistorisches Museum is known as the Vienna's Museum of Art History. The first highlight of the museum must be its might dome crowned by a bronze figure of Pallas Athene. The museum is house to one of the most significant collections of art. As visiting this museum, visitors get chance to admire such main exhibitions as the Sculpture and Decorative Arts Collection, the Collection of Coins, Egyptian-Oriental Collection, the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities as well as a series of paintings. Viewers will be certainly impressed by sort of the artworks and mosaics of the Roman and Greek collections. Moreover, the Egyptian collections attracts visitors by its large stone sarcophagi rooted from 600-100 BC, mummies with painted wrappings and painted wooden from 1100-100 BC. Bear in mind that, many English language guided tours will be available here to support you during the visit thorough the museum.

museums in Vienna

In front of Kunsthistorisches Museum

2, The Hofburg and the Sisi Museum

In central Hofburg Palace lies a famous museum called Sisi Museum. It was opened to the public in 1994. Let’s move inside to discover what are offered! 300 private items consisting of clothing (dresses, gloves, gown, parasols, boxes) of the Empress are revealed in this museum. Some other items which are also on display in the museum is the reconstruction of the evening dress worn by 16- year old Sisi and a replica of a section of her imperial railway carriage.

museums in Vienna

A room inside the Hofburg and the Sisi Museum

3, The Vienna Museum

The Vienna Museum has been regarded as a repository for storing artifacts and documents of Vienna’s history. The main collections are held in Vienna Museum Karlsplatz, where you are able to admire the historical and art exhibits from the Neolithic period onward. In addition, the related items to the history of Emperor Franz Joseph his wife Elisabeth are on display in Vienna Museum Hermesvilla - a restored palace. You can be also interested in the Otto Wagner Pavilion on Karlsplatz, where reveal the permanent exhibits relating to the life and work of the famous Austrian architect.

museums in Vienna

A corner of Vienna Museum

4, The Ephesos Museum

The Ephesos Museum is nestled in the Hofburg's New Palace. The museum is prominent with numerous interesting reliefs, statues and bronzes. The important exhibits on display inside the museum include the two-meter-high bronze of an athlete in 4th-century and the Parthian Monument. Also, the statue Hercules fighting with the Centaurs and a Shrine to Artemis from the 4th century BC are also worth a visit.

museums in Vienna

The exhibition in Ephesos Museum

5, Natural History Museum

The museum is widely popular and particularly one of the most popular attractions in Vienna for its over 30 million specimens and artefacts. With 39 themed rooms, the museum will take you through time from the prehistoric era and dinosaur rooms to the history of human evolution room. Additionally, the largest meteorite collection in the world is also a highlight of the museum. For kids, the Children’s room will be certainly a great spot for them with many hands-on activities.

museums in Vienna

Model of dinosaur in Natural History Museum

6, The Museum Quarter

Vienna's new Museum Quarter (also called MuseumsQuartier Wien) is certainly an ideal place for culture seekers. The museum is a combination of many different institutions of art fields, shops, cafés and restaurants within the total area of over 640,000 square feet. Furthermore, a combination of baroque buildings and modern architecture is also a highlight of the MuseumsQuartier Wien. As in the area of the Museum Quarter, you have opportunity to contemplate the collections in such art museums as the Leopold Museum and the MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna). Besides, the Museum Quarter also offers several contemporary exhibition spaces.

museums in Vienna

The image of Museum Quarter at night

These museums are actually wonderful for those who love history and art. Certainly, they will leave you the great knowledge and experiences. So, get ready for an unforgettable visual feast with these must-visit museums in Vienna.

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