Now you know the most mouth-watering foods in Iceland

Now you know the most mouth-watering foods in Iceland

Iceland, the thinly-populated land is thickly covered with beautiful natural scenery of all types. This small country is also home to a unique culinary feature in Europe. If you are planning to make a trip to this destination, do not forget to try these most mouth-watering dishes. They play an important part of impressive Iceland cultures.


One of the most traditional foods in Iceland that you can’t miss is fish dish. Although it is rather difficult to eat, it boasts as famous foods contributing to the unique cuisines of this country. The Greenland shark is carefully cleaned and buried for about 12 weeks. During this period, all the poisonous components are removed and then the fish is dried.

foods in Iceland

Small Hakarl cubes will appeal you at first sight

The best way Iceland people enjoy Hakarl is to cut it into small cubes and enjoy it with traditional Brennivin Iceland. You can either go to restaurants or visit Koloaportio market at weekends to get reasonable price.


Skata resembles Harkal in the preparation process; however, Iceland inhabitants will boil the fish instead of drying it. Moreover, many tourists find it easier to enjoy than Harkal.

Bones are removed and the rest is filled with fried sheep fat. You should taste this delicious food with boiled potatoes and Rugabrau bread. Skata is a “can’t miss” component in an Iceland meal prior to Christmas.

foods in Iceland

Skata is another "must -try" dish to fulfill your Iceland trip


You are sure to agree that Iceland people are very good at creating new kind of dishes. Sivio is not an exception. Although it may be weird-looking; however, traditional occasions are incomplete with the absence of Sivio. It is, in fact, the whole or half the head of the sheep. The tongue and its related skins are considered tastiest. Some people even take delight in eating the eyes.

Besides, if you have time, it is also advisable to try the must-try food in Iceland with bread. Locals prefer having this as slight breakfast to start a day.

foods in Iceland

Dare you try eating Sivio in Iceland?


In case you don’t know, Iceland is a small island which becomes isolated from the bustling life. Therefore, foods are always of biggest concern for local people in this land. They tend to make the most of the ingredients so Slatur is the aftermaths of killing the sheep. While Bloomor is the combination of blood and fat; you can find liver mixed with fat in Liarpylsa.

foods in Iceland

The nutty texture of Bloomor will amaze you

This kind of dish is quite popular in some Asian countries; nevertheless, the difference lies in the fact that Iceland residents eat with porridge, dried grape and some fresh milk.


For locals, Rugbrauo is the bread savoring of the volcanoes. The cooking process also set it apart from other kinds of bread you have ever tried in the world. Instead of baking, people put the powder in the wooden container and place it in a special place. Therefore, you can easily feel a sense of sweetness inside. Bread and butter is a popular breakfast in many places and you will find a greater version in Iceland with lamp and salmon.

foods in Iceland

Rugbrauo - Traditional bread in Iceland


If you are sick of high-calorie foods, there are still many snacks for you to enjoy in this small destination. Laufabrauo truly deserves a mention for its excellent taste and irresistible smell. Cooks make the dish in the shape of 20-centimeter circle with milk, sugar and salt.

foods in Iceland

Laufabrauo is not only easy to try but also delicious in taste

Its charisma rests on the crispy dough coupled with the delicious butter toppings. When you have the first bite, everything will gradually melt into your mouth. It’s a great idea to have this food on Christmas or traditional occasions. You can also have a blast with your loved ones while eating Laufabrauo and enjoying exciting movies.


Sheep is an integral part in the lives of Iceland people. Therefore, they find it fascinating to serve lamb in daily meals. Hangikjot is one of the most delicious lamb dishes that shouldn’t be missed in any important events.

foods in Iceland

You can't resist impressive decoration and tasty flavors of Hangikjot

There are two ways this food in Iceland is cooked, namely boiling or eating instantly. Whatever ways you choose, it is interesting to enjoy a juicy piece of lamb combined so perfectly with other ingredients. Normally, you can find a dish with sliced lamb, green peas, potatoes, cabbage and Laufabrauo. The freshness of vegetables coupled with the sweetness of meat will surely take your breath away.

Whale meat

Have you ever wondered how fish in the oceans taste like? If the answer is no, you should not miss the chance to experience it in Iceland. It is amazing to know that its flavor is relatively similar to that of beef.

foods in Iceland

Do not mistake whale meat for beef if you visit Iceland

There are a variety of cooking recipes you can enjoy. Hvalspik is boiled whale meat in lactic acid so the taste is a little bit sour but really greasy. Another favorite cocking method is grilling right on the table and serving with noodles, rolls and pickled vegetables.

Lundi (Puffin)

Lundi is actually a kind of bird that you see many times during your trip to Iceland. It has symbolic meaning and its meat can create a wide range of delicious dishes.

foods in Iceland

Once you've tried Lundi, you can enjoy a mouthful of flavors

Lundi meat is processed ether by boiling or grilling to retain the juiciness and season with some spices. You can easily find these mouth-watering foods in many restaurants all over Iceland. For anyone who like the taste of raw meat, it is suggested to visit Vestmannaeyjar Island where Lundi and Brennivin Black Beath make a decent combination.

Humar Iceland

It would be a miss if you leave Iceland without tasting some dishes from lobsters. Humar Iceland takes roots from America; however, this kind is a bit smaller in size. The tenderness and sweetness coming out from Humar will take you aback at first bite.

foods in Iceland

Taste and see how lobster in Iceland be like

The traditional way for you to enjoy Humar is grilling with butter, salt and garlic. The smell of the sea mixed with the strong flavor of garlic is sure to leave you abiding impression. You can find wonderful restaurants in Hofn to satisfy your desire for this food.

These wonderful foods in Iceland mentioned above are sure to bring you unforgettable memories. They are not only special in cooking process but also reflective of the geographical conditions and unique cultures. You will leave Iceland with a full stomach and memorable moments.

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