Philippines insider guides

Philippines insider guides

Known as a beautiful island nation in South-East Asia, the Philippines is increasingly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations for a lot of travelers thanks to the convenient transport system, the diverse culture, the pristine scenery as well as great street cuisine. If you are going to make a travel tour to the charming country, don’t miss taking a close look at the following useful travel guides providing you with necessary information about how to travel, where to stay, where to visit, what activities to do and so on.

Travel time

Philippines insider guides

The best time to travel to the country is in summer

The Philippines features hot and wet climate. The dry season lasts from December to May while the rain season is between June to November. Therefore, the most suitable time to come there is in the dry season when the weather is cool and fresh.

Get around

Philippines insider guides

Exploring the country by a tricycle will be very interesting

There are many means of public transport for you to choose; however, jeepney, tricycle and pedicab are the most popular which definitely give you the most interesting travel experiences:

-- Jeepney: Jeepney is very special in the Philippines. It is quite cheap, with 8 peso / person no matter how long you will travel. However, the mean doesn’t have an air-conditioner.

-- Tricycle is quite popular all over the Philippines as it is suitable for visitor to travel in short distances. Another plus point is that it is cheaper and safer than other public transportation.

-- Pedicab got three wheels and is always the number-one choice of many travelers because it is an environmentally-friendly vehicle and is also the best way for them to explore every corner in the country.


El Nido

Philippines insider guides

The most beautiful tourist destination in the Philippines

This is the best bet for those who are interested in wild nature and pristine landscapes. Coming there, you will be amazed at the blue clear water, the imposing waterfalls and the diverse flora and fauna.

The charming beach is located at the end of Palawan island – one of the most famous tourist destination in the Philippines and is 420 km travelling from Manila. If you get a chance to set feet there, you should take a boat to get around and enjoy the spectacular landscapes, especially Puerto Princesa – one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites.


Philippines insider guides

Boracay - a paradise for beach lovers

Boracay is the smallest but most beautiful and charming island all over the country. You will immediately fall in love with the crystal water sea, soft sand and calm waves, which will give you the favorable conditions to enjoy a lot of tourist activities like swimming, diving and boating. Boracay is a wonderful choice for every travel taste.

Batan island

Philippines insider guides

The wild beauty of Batan

Batan island with lush green vegetation, imposing rock formations and peaceful highland will be the best suggestion for you to escape from the hustle and bustle in life. The famous tourist destination in the Philippines also offers impressive stone houses with traditional design, promising to help you have a wonderful trip.

Pinatubo Lake

Philippines insider guides

The lake is located in a volcano

The lake is beautifully located inside a volcano, making it so attractive in the eyes of travelers. For adventurers, this is a must-see tourist destination in the Philippines they can’t miss because they will get a good chance to enjoy a lot of interesting things.

Some things you need to take into consideration when travelling to the site is that you should come there in the dry season and have to follow the guides.

Siquijor island

Philippines insider guides

An ideal destination to relax

Most visitors try to come to Siquijor islands because of not only the pristine scenery but the mysterious stories as well. Although it is a small island located in south of the Philippines, it is increasingly becoming one of the most popular choices for those who love peace and quite atmosphere.

Apo island

Philippines insider guides

The best place to explore marine life

The Philippines is known as the heaven of pristine islands and Apo is among them. Apo is also the ideal dive sites to explore the undersea world with colorful coral reefs and impressive sea animals.



This dish is quite simple with nitrous ingredients, making it one of the favorite food for travelers. It is made of fresh vegetable and fruits so it is definitely good for health.

Mami noodles

Philippines insider guides

You can eat Mami in any restaurant in the country

Noodles is made of the finest wheat flour, combined with meat and special spices. Mami with the special taste will melt you heart at the very first time trying it. You can eat Mami in any restaurant in the country.


Philippine food list could not be completed without Adobo. This is a very popular dish, appearing in every Filipino family. This dish is native to Mexico, but the Filipino people have varied it by cooking meat (usually chicken and pork) with vinegar, salt, garlic, chili, soy sauce and other spices.

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