Pick up the highest statues in the world

Pick up the highest statues in the world

Many travelers will be certainly curious to know which the largest statue of the world is. And here we pick up the highest statues in the world that will excite everyone.

The Mother Calls in Russia

The Battle of Stalingrad between August 1942 and February 1943 is one of the great wars of World War II. And Mamayev Monument put in Volgograd city, Russia was built to commemorate this fierce war. The Mother Calls statue is 87 meters tall and the sword itself is 33 meters long. Engineer Nikolai Nikitin and sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich designed and used over 7,800 tons of concrete to construct the statue. It was introduced to the public in 1967. The statue has 200 steps reflecting the time of Stalingrad war.

the highest statues

The Mother Calls statue

Grand Buddha in China

Grand Buddha is considered as one of the China’s largest Buddha statues. The statue is located in Lingshan Mountain with the height of 88 meters and the weight of 700 tons. The material is completely bronze. With an area of 74 acres, the tourist site where Grand Buddha belongs to attracts numerous visitors by many impressive Buddhist sites.

the highest statues

One of the largest Grand Buddha statue

Great Buddha of Thailand in Thailand

This is the tallest statue in Thailand with the height of 92 meters. Great Buddha of Thailand was built in 1990 and the construction finished in 2008. The huge statue was designed according to the Theravada Buddhist principle. Cement is the main material of this remarkably high statue. It was also covered with gold paint.

the highest statues

The gold Great Buddha

Peter the Great statue in Russia

Emperor Peter I who ruled Russia for 43 years ordered to built Peter the Great statue located next to Moskva River in Moscow. The statue is 98 meters tall and 100 tons weight. Georgian designer Zurab Tsereteli is the one who designed the statue and about 600 tons of stainless steel and bronze were used for the construction. Peter the Great statue was presented to the world in 1997.

the highest statues

The giant Peter the Great statue on Moskva River

Sendai Daikannon in Japan

Sendai Daikannan is 100 meters tall and put on the hilltop of Sendai, Japan. The statue was built to represent the Buddhist Bodhisattva of Japan. With its advantage location, visitors can see many stunning scenes and other parts of the city. Sendai Daikannon holds a diamond in the right hand, while the left hand is a water vase. Tourists can take the elevator up to the top of the statue and admire the whole city.

the highest statues

Sendai Daikannon with impressive design

Emperors Yan and Huang in China

The Chinese government spent about $22.5 million on building the statues to commemorate the two great Emperors Yan and Huang. The construction began in 1987 and completed in 2007. These sculptures are sited in Henan Province and 106 meters high. Their eyes are 3 meters wide and noses are 6 meters long.

the highest statues

The two superb statues created by amazing technique

Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya in China

The fourth tallest statue in the world is the statue of Quan Yin Buddhist Goddess which is 108 meters high. The statue is located in China's Hainan Province and symbolizes the Goddess’s blessing around the world. It has three different faces of which the first face oversees the mainland, whereas the other two faces look toward the ocean. The giant statue was completed for nearly 6 years.

the highest statues

Visit Guan Yin statue and the brilliant sea view

Ushiku Daibutsu in Japan

Another wonderful statue is Ushiku Daibutsu Great Buddha which is entirely made of bronze. The statue is located in Ushiku city, Japan. The phrase of words "Ushiku Daibutsu" means “Great Buddha in Ushiku”. The statue is 110 meters tall and its base is 10 meters high. Ushiku Daibutsu has four levels with different activities. The first level provides some beautiful music. And the second floor is used for scriptural research, while the third level is an amazing place where displays about 30000 Buddha statues. Finally, tourists can use the elevators to reach the top floor where everyone has chance to admire the splendid view and lovely gardens in the area around the statue.

the highest statues

The huge statue in an outstanding campus

Laykyun Setkyar in Myanmar

With a height of 116 meters, Laykyun Setkyar in Monywa, Myanmar is recognized as the second tallest statue in the world. Besides, there is a 13.5-meter throne below the statue. Laykyun Setkyar was built in 1996 and opened to the public in 2008. Visitors can go to the top and enjoy the gorgeous panorama of the city by using an elevator. Especially, travelers can watch the lying Buddha statue which is 89 meters tall and near the Laykyun Setkyar statue.

the highest statues

Laykyun Setkyar statue and the lying Buddha statue

Spring Temple Buddha in China

China is the country that has numerous huge statues on earth and the highest statue also belongs to Henan province, China. Spring Temple Buddha is 153 meters tall and stands on the 20 meters high lotus tower made of 1100 bronze pieces. The construction with a cost of $55 million began in 1997 and finished in 2008. Spring Temple Buddha statue is named after a hot spring close to this area.

the highest statues

Admire the largest statue on our planet

If tourists intend to plan a journey to these charming nations, let’s not miss the chance to check in one of the world’s tallest statues as well as explore the interesting things in these spots.

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