Seekers of peaceful destinations can't miss most beautiful towns in Iceland

Seekers of peaceful destinations can't miss most beautiful towns in Iceland

You have chances to admire a beautiful Iceland on the screen but never land on this island country, so why don't you take a trip to discover this marvelous nation? Iceland is the land of miracles where tourists can feast their eyes on the spectacular Northern Lights, incredible glaciers and magnificent mountains. Hidden behind the outstanding natural scenery is a peaceful Iceland with the world's most adorable towns. Let's explore those towns on your next holiday to this lovely island.


beautiful towns in Iceland

A beautiful Reykjavik town

As the cultural heart and charming capital of Iceland, Reykjavik portrays a beautiful Icelandic town with tranquil pedestrian streets and colorful buildings. Summer is coming and it is time to set your foot on this amazing place.

At that time, the sun seems to never set there so you can enjoy the best of long nice days with thrilling traditional music. It must be great to wander around Reykjavik and discover any corners of such a wonderful town.


beautiful towns in Iceland

An amazing town of Akureyri

Nestled at the foot of magnificent mountains, Akureyri town stands out with the alluring beauty of an agricultural land. The town itself holds its own charm that helps to draw a number of tourists every day. Surroundings are dramatic mountain ranges and a long river winding its way through those mountains.

Entering into Akureyri to have a closer look at this lively town, tourists will be surprised with its distinctive architectures. A variety of concerts and festivals all year round will make your trip an unforgettable experience. Don't forget to check-in the Botanical Garden which is home to almost plants growing in Iceland.


beautiful towns in Iceland

Húsavík - the best place for whale watching in the country

Húsavík is the largest town in northeastern Iceland where you can enjoy a memorable winter holiday. Even though, every season leaves the town with its own beauties, winter is said to be the best time to explore Húsavík.

Coming there one day, you will be told a fascinating story about the formation of the town many years ago. In addition, it is also an ideal place to feast your eyes on the underwater world with great whales. A hike in Húsavík is a no less exciting experience.

Vík í Mýrdal

beautiful towns in Iceland

Don't miss Vík í Mýrdal

As a small village in the southernmost Iceland, Vík í Mýrdal is well-known by tourists for its glamorous coastline. Beautiful beaches with black basalt sand make Vík í Mýrdal famous among top alluring towns in Iceland. Embraced by the immense natural surroundings, the town looks much more pretty with small houses and churches rising on the hills. All in all, it is a perfect stop for stress-free time in your life.


beautiful towns in Iceland

Seyðisfjörður - a lovely town in Iceland

What makes Seyðisfjörður special in the eyes of travelers all around the world is the great cooperation between Mother Nature and human. The town is considered as the paradise on earth with towering mountains and spectacular waterfalls surrounding idyllic houses.

For those who are seeking for an art space, this will be an ideal destination. Lying far away from a fjord, the town offers favorable conditions for an exhilarating hike to admire the outstanding landscapes.


beautiful towns in Iceland

Siglufjordur is an ideal place to be outdoors

If you are looking for an active trip with your friends, Siglufjordur is such an excellent choice. The town welcomes all visitors with a wide range of activities that will certainly satisfy any sport lovers. Summer is a good time to golfing and go fishing.

Meanwhile, on cold winter days, you can indulge your passion for ice-skating, cross-country skiing or snow-mobling. Moreover, Herring Museum is a perfect place where you can take a trip through time to learn about significant changes of Siglufjordur.


beautiful towns in Iceland

Kópavogur, Iceland

With the second largest number of inhabitants in Iceland, Kópavogur is highly suggested for a fun-filled cultural experience. You will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get insight into the local life, taste exquisite delicacies as well as try the feeling of standing at Kopavogur Church - the most stunning building there. Keep in mind to visit Kopavogur Art Museum to create a pleasant memory for yourself.


beautiful towns in Iceland

This peaceful town in Iceland attracts many visitors

With a fascinating history dated back to the 14th century, Hafnarfjörður promises to bring about one of the most unforgettable trips in your life. If you are rock n' roll lovers, you will never be disappointed as choosing Hafnarfjörður. It is the hub of Icelandic rock n' roll melodies and also the land of the Bright Days and Viking festivals. Nothing is better than soaking your mind in amazing music, immersing yourself in the vigorous festivals with new friends and enjoying delicious local cuisine.


beautiful towns in Iceland

Selfoss from above

Bucolic scenery in beautiful summer days makes Selfoss a must-visit town when traveling to Iceland. There are numerous restaurants and coffee shops for you to enjoy a life of happiness and excitement. The splendid Ölfusá river beautifies the town and a walk along the bridge over it will be a precious time as the sun sinks below the horizon. It is worth visiting Selfoss during the summer festival when tourists can join with the locals in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. Getting on a horse to discover the area is also a great idea on a glorious day.


beautiful towns in Iceland

Welcome to Vestmannaeyjar town

Vestmannaeyjar or the Westman Islands is the name that you cannot leave out when talking about Iceland's most delightful towns. In fact, it is the name of a town and an archipelago. The town itself boasts a breathtaking natural spectacle. It overlooks the vast sea at one side; while the other is dramatic mountains.

What attracts visitors to the famous attraction every year is pretty puffins that become the ultimate symbol of the islands. Don't hesitate to make a tour to this stunning town so that you can have relaxing moments in life.

One day, if you find yourself tired of your stressful life, just take a trip to the faraway Iceland, explore its most beautiful towns and enjoy the freedom in your heart and your soul.

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