So amazingly designed airports worldwide you never know exist

So amazingly designed airports worldwide you never know exist

We are less interested in the architecture of airports when the plane landed. But in fact, there are many airports that are great attractions for passengers thanks to its unique and incredible design. Not just a hub for passengers' travel needs, these worldwide airports are trying to make every trip great and memorable for travelers. The following article will take you to the amazingly designed airports in the world.

Beijing International Airport, China

As soon as you get off the plane and enter the Beijing International Airport, you will be walking in one of the largest buildings in the world. Terminal 3 is the highlight of the airport with more than 3 kilometers in length, symbolizing the dragon of China.

Designed by architectural firm Fosters and Partners, the roof of the terminal is a grid design that allows the sun to shine, creating a beautiful red-gold effect on the floor. The station is covered by a roof garden of 28,000 square meters and can be seen from the landing plane.

amazingly designed airports

Bright and spacious space inside the Beijing International Airport

O'Hare Airport, Chicago, USA

O'Hare is one of the world's incredibly designed airports, a paradise for those who love to design with multi-color lighting on the runways. Every second, colors and light change in different directions. The airport is so large that high-tech rails connect the areas together. Alternatively, you can find out the new yoga room where you can relax or unwind at the nearby Hilton hotel, which features a sauna and gym.

amazingly designed airports

Multicolor lighting on the runways is the highlight of O'Hare Airport

Finavia Airport, Helsinki, Finland

Finavia is the largest airport in Finland, serving 15 million passengers each year. In recent years, the airport has attracted the attention of international public opinion, famous for its unique art exhibits as well as its excellent social media and waiting zone Finnair.

amazingly designed airports

Finavia Airport easily makes passengers wonder with its modern architecture

The lounge is like a Jetsons movie, with ancient monochromatic designs and egg-shaped chairs. The airport also has a cinema playing short films and a free rest area. In addition, you can also walk along the station and admire the most beautiful modern sculptures in Finland.

Menara Airport, Marrakech, Morocco

The design of the Menara airport is a combination of modern architecture and traditional Islam. Designed by Morocco's E2A company, the exterior of the airport looks like a huge white honeycomb, creating a gorgeous shade inside, where passengers feel like they are in another world. On the roof are 72 pyramid generators, which helps the airport use energy efficiently.

amazingly designed airports

The exterior of the airport looks like a huge white honeycomb

Hong Kong International Airport

Situated on the seashore, between the tropical islands, the Hong Kong International Airport not only looks magnificent, but also offers excellent views of the plane as it prepares to land. It is one of the largest airports and has some of the best amenities in the world.

You can also experience the feeling of being a pilot with the aircraft cockpit simulation. Moving from central Hong Kong to this airport takes only a few minutes with the express train system. At the train station in the city center, there is also a station gate where passengers can check baggage and print boarding passes before boarding the airport.

amazingly designed airports

The design of the airport is full of sophistication and politeness

King Abdulaziz Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

At King Abdulaziz, the customs office, luggage area and similar areas are housed in an air-conditioned building, while the main part of the airport is located in the tent-shaped roof area designed by architect Horst Berger. In addition, because Jeddah is in the closest position to the Mecca Muslim city, the airport builds a new station to serve incense customers annually. The design of the tent roof opens up to this airport with many awards. At the same time, the design also helps the airport to withstand the sun in the desert, enhancing natural gas circulation.

amazingly designed airports

The airport is one of the symbols of the architectural, economic and tourism power of Saudi Arabia

Incheon Airport, Seoul, Korea

Worthy of being one of the most beautifully decorated airports in the world, Seoul has received many international awards for its advanced architecture and engineering. Incheon Airport is also consistently ranked in the list of the world's top airports thanks to the quality of service and facilities.

Designed in a traditional Korean style arch, the airport features a casino, ice skating rink, spa and sauna. The restaurants serve a variety of cuisines from China, Japan to Western cuisine. There is also a beautiful waiting area, allowing guests of the restaurants to see the runway and observe the aircraft taking off.

amazingly designed airports

Incheon Airport has won many international awards for airport architecture

Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain

With a target of serving more than 700 million passengers a year, Barajas Airport has the world's largest terminal of 760,000 square meters. Designed by Antonia Lamela and Richard Rogers, this airport is adorned with metal sculptures and is highlighted in yellow.

Terminal 4 of the airport is designed to reduce stress for passengers. Rather than designing walls, the site use glass panels and dome to take advantage of natural light. During the next flight, you can enjoy spa services, the art at exhibitions or countless shops here.

amazingly designed airports

The airport cleverly uses light to make the interior space stand out

With the mission of being an economic-tourism gateway, each airport is invested in infrastructure, creating many different looks. In the future, there will definitely be more airports with more innovative design to leave more impression in the hearts of visitors.

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