The best places to stay during a trip in Iceland

The best places to stay during a trip in Iceland

Iceland is an attractive tourist destination with hundreds of wonderful accommodation choices from romantic city departments to cozy guest houses or even farm stays in Iceland. As there are not many visitors to Reykjavik in winter, most of the families close up their business of providing accommodation for tourists. Now, we’re going to give you some useful suggestions about best places to stay in your Iceland trip.

hotel in Iceland

Visit Iceland and watch North Lights

1. Tungata 32 Apartments ReykjavikTúngata 32, Reykjavik

In the New Year holidays, hotel in Reykjavik is more likely to be expensive as it is one of the most favorite spots in Iceland this time. The Tungata 32 Apartments in Reykjavik is the best choice for you to stay when visiting this town. From this accommodation, it takes only a few minutes to walk to the city center as well as the harbor, and you can also see some free parking lots on the street. You can also save a sum of money by making breakfast, lunch and even dinner yourself while staying there in the fully equipped kitchen provided in each apartment. It’s really convenient and comfortable. Moreover, wifi is free. The price is about $100 per night.

hotel in Iceland

Tungata 32 Apartments ReykjavikTúngata 32, Reykjavik

2. Hilton Reykjavik Nordica

If Tungata 32 is fully booked or you want to stay in a hotel instead of an apartment, Hilton Reykjavik is obviously an ideal accommodation to stay. Not situated in the downtown, but this hotel offers a bike rental and a bus stop placed right in front of it. Parking and wifi are free. You can order breakfast served by hotel’s kitchen. In addition, families having children can order babysitting service in Hilton. The price is around $160 per night.

hotel in Iceland

Beautiful view from the hotel

3. Hotel Ranga

Located in the outskirt Reykjavik, this four-star hotel is a nice base to explore all Iceland’s South Coast treasures. In the friendly atmosphere of this log-built hotel, you’ll feel as like being home. Set off right in Route 1 nearby a famous waterfall – Seljalandsfoss, you can watch the wonderful Northern Lights from Hotel Ranga. It costs $250 per night.

hotel in Iceland

Hotel Ranga - The best places to stay in the remote north

4. Volcano Hotel, Vik

Volcano Hotel is highly recommended because it’s a modern hotel with only 7 rooms situated right between the Vik’s black sand beaches and Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Volcano Hotel is a highlighted accommodation to spend the night time after a day hiking on Sólheimajökull. In winter, the price for a private double room with own bathroom and breakfast is about $130 per night.

hotel in Iceland

Volcano Hotel, Vik - a unique accommodation

5. Hali Country Hotel Iceland

Hali Country Hotel is an ideal accommodation which is located just about 12 km from Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon – a famous tourist destination in Iceland. On clear nights, you can watch a spectacular dance of the North Lights on the icebergs over the lagoon. There’s also a lovely museum nearby the hotel where you can stop by and visit. Or you can choose to drive up north to go sight-seeing and see North Lights.

This hotel offers tourists various types of room to choose, including private rooms with own or shared bathrooms, dorm-style sleeping bag accommodations, double rooms, and even common rooms which are equipped kitchen so that you can cook by yourself. If you don’t want to make your meal by yourself, you can have a nice dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

hotel in Iceland

Hali Country Hotel Iceland

6. Silfurberg Iceland

In 2003, Silfurberg farm was sold to Guðrún and Jón, then it was rebuilt as a luxury farm stay hotel like now. It’s a lovely accommodation where you can see stars through the outdoor hot tub. You can order delicious dinners cooked by Guðrún and Jón. If you visit Iceland in September, you can participate in sheep round hold annually.

hotel in Iceland

Silfurberg Guesthouse, Þorgrímsstaðir (Iceland)

7. Hildibrand Apartment Hotel Co-Op Restaurant

In Hildibrand, you have a wide range of choices, from comfortable guest rooms to equipped apartments with private balconies for families or groups of friends who would like to stay together. From these balconies, you’ll have the best view of the fjord and many beautiful sites of Iceland.

Besides, the Co-Op Bar of this hotel server diners with not only tasty but also fresh sushi and seafood. Moreover, you can enjoy the wonderful performance of Northern Lights in Neskaupstadur in this area. More amazing, you can join in a golf course and take in a new interest this vacation with Nordfjardarvöllur Golf Course nearby the hotel.

hotel in Iceland

Hildibrand Apartment Hotel's view

8. Vogafjós Guesthouse, Mývatn

If you want to stay in a lovely simple farm, let’s choose Vogafjós Guesthouse to enjoy a cozy and comfy vacation, especially when sitting on heated floors in winter. You can easily watch beautiful views of North Lights just by opening the front door. It also has a cabin-style restaurant covered by glass walls from which you can view over the peaceful farm.

hotel in Iceland

Vogafjós Guesthouse, Mývatn

9. Hotel Berg Keflavik

This is a modern comfortable accommodation which is only a 20-minute drive from Blue Lagoon, one of the most attractive destinations in Iceland. Around the hotel, you can visit many fascinating attractions, such as black sand beaches, or Reykjanes Peninsula’s steaming fumarole. An ample breakfast served by hotel’s kitchen is a good choice for the beginning of a nice day. If you have an early flight, you can totally order breakfast at 4 a.m. the price for a double room with bathroom and a breakfast is about $110 per night.

hotel in Iceland

A room in the Hotel Berg Keflavik

10. Hotel Vestmannaeyjar, Westman Islands

Placed right in the center of Vestmannaeyjar, Hotel Vestmannaeyjar is a nice accommodation to start your Iceland’s Westman Islands trip. Stay in a cozy room and have a nice view of the volcano Eldfell. In addition, you can take part in a hiking trip to explore this volcano. Moreover, spa service here is really highly appreciated because of its high quality.

hotel in Iceland

Hotel Vestmannaeyjar, Westman Islands

There are many other wonderful accommodations where you can stay and enjoy the best service in your Iceland trip. So, why don’t you come and enjoy these attractions to have a nice trip to Iceland? These accommodations won’t let you down!

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