The most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

The most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

There are many countries which their name symbol for the harsh climate there and Iceland is an example. However, the snow-capped and sunless land is often ranked as the happiest place in the world.

Iceland is located in the Arctic Circle because of the volcanic eruptions of a submarine. The island center is extremely cold highlands and almost uninhabited. More than three hundred thousand Icelanders live mainly on the coast, of which nearly half are concentrated in the capital, Reykjavik.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland-an incredible country

When to travel?

Active volcanoes and cold winters make Iceland a haven for wanderers to explore in both winter and summer. If you go to this country to enjoy climbing, whale watching, puffin, or exploring the strange volcanic region, you must come in summer lasting from June to September.

June and September are the best when tourists are not overcrowded and the weather is not too cold. At the end of September, you can have a chance to see the aurora again. July and August are said to be the most beautiful weather of the year but the over crowds may make you annoyed.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

The country of glaciers

Iceland has many beautiful and interesting destinations to visit and it will be a pity if you ignore these wonderful waterfalls.

Top most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

1. Seljialandsfoss

It is the first waterfalls that we want to recommend you. Located on the south coast, this tall waterfall will offer you breathtaking views and you will understand why it is considered as one of the most wonderful falls in this country.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland


2. Skogafoss

It is another waterfall in the south coast with 25 meters high and 60 meters wide. On sunny days, you can also enjoy the rainbow, so remember to take some beautiful photos.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

Rainbow in Skogafoss

3. Gulfoss

Its name can be understood as the "Golden Waterfall". Gulfoss is also well-known with some other attractive destinations, particularly the Thingvellir National Park. The waterfall is situated on the Hvita glacier river and its beautiful views are the inspiration for many photographers. It is also funny for visitors to walk around it and enjoy the water spray on face.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

"The Golden Waterfall"

4. Godafoss

Godafoss is famously regarded as the water of the gods because a religious crisis was settled here when every Nordic god's idols were thrown to the falls. According to the local people, the best time to visit this waterfall is in autumn.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

Waterfall of the Gods – Goðafoss

5 Aldeyjarfoss

With a-20 meters-cascade, this waterfall will show you a fantastic contrast between the white of water and the black of basalt columns. It will be a spectacular scene that you don't want to miss.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland


6. Hrafnabjargafoss

Hrafnabjargafoss lies on the Skjalfandafljot glacier river. This wonderful waterfall will certainly leave a strong impression on you.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland

Hrafnabjargafoss in winter

7. Svartifoss

Known as a part of the southeast of Iceland, Svartifoss is an attraction you should not ignore as visiting the national park. Its name means "Black" and coming to this waterfall, you will understand why it has this name. Tourists will have a chance to admire a lovely contrast between the white water and the black basalt columns. Furthermore, this harmony contrast is also an inspiration for many architectures and photographers.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland


8. Bruarfoss

Situated in the Bruara River, this waterfall with beautiful views around is considered as a treasure of this region. You will be overwhelmed by the stark blue color of the water when it falls into gaps.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland


9. Hraunfossar

It is located in the West of Iceland and formed by rivers around the lava. In autumn, the colorful leaves around make it more wonderful and you will want to take some photos.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland


10. Kirkjufellsfoss

In spite of being a small waterfall, Kirkjufellsfoss still has its own charming and attractive. It is situated on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. According to many visitors, the best time to admire the spectacular views of this waterfall is at midnight sun in summer days.

beautiful waterfalls in Iceland


Iceland is exactly a heaven for you to explore nature's beauty. Prepare carefully before going and don't forget to take wonderful pictures of these beautiful waterfalls and share your experience with us. Hope that you will have a smooth trip!

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