The most impressive attractions in West Fjords that you should not miss

The most impressive attractions in West Fjords that you should not miss

West Fjords is a great place for tourists to earn unforgettable experience when touring Iceland. This must-visit destination have several nice fishing villages, magnificent landscapes and countless amazing things. Here are the most impressive attractions in West Fjords that you should not miss.

1. Ísafjörður

The thriving little fishing village is the capital of the West Fjords with a population of about 3000 people. Ísafjörður is in the Skutuls fjord surrounded by superb and steep mountains. The town has the leats amount of sunny hours in the country because the sun doesn’t rise for weeks in summer. However, it is home to many famous events, including Aldrei For Eg Sudur (I Never Went South) which is the most popular music festival.

West Fjords

The stunning view of Ísafjörður at night

Besides, tourists can visit the oldest home in Iceland built in 1786 or Eyri – the most ancient section of the town. Eyri is also considered as one of the best natural harbors of Iceland. A night walk with lovers through the tranquil Old Town is a romantic moment on fine summer days. And four oldest buildings built in the 18th century are Tjöruhús, Krambúð, Turnhús (Tower House), and the West Fjords Heritage Museum.

West Fjords

Have a look at the oldest house Eyri

2. Vigur

Vigur is the best place for bird watchers, explorers who want to discover the brilliant fishing village life and photographers who enjoy capturing the splendid landscapes. The smallest post office of Iceland is also located here. Travelers certainly will have a wonderful time when catching fishes in the peaceful setting and admiring the charming scenery.

West Fjords

The outstanding place for watching lovely puffins

3. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve was built in 1975 as a natural tourist site for nature enthusiasts and explorers. Used to be a habitat for farmers and fishermen in the past, the uninhabited Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is now an ideal paradise for various kinds of flora and fauna. It is located in the northernmost part of the West Fjords and tourists can go by ferry or on foot from Isafjordur to access the area.

West Fjords

A vast and wonderful green meadow

Nowhere in the country can compete with the Nature Reserve in the diversity of plants and wildlife. Visitors will be immersed in meadows of beautiful wildflowers, picture the lovely sea birds, and listen the arctic fox barking at sunset.

West Fjords

Admire the splendid sunset scene

4. Hot springs in the Westfjords

The West Fjords has over 20 natural hot springs that attract countless internal and foreign visitors. And the most popular hot pool is Hellulaug located near the Ferry Baldur port where allows tourists to visit and leave the West Fjords. Or, travelers can go to Reykjaneslaug – a great hot pot next to Hotel Reykjanes for a real swim.

West Fjords

A fabulous hot pool

If visitors plan to discover the famous Dynjandi Waterfall, they can spend time on swimming in a small hot spring called Dynjandislaug. On road number 1 leading to Isafjordur, there is a series of hot pools in Mjóifjörður but they are secret treasures, so travelers may need a local guide who knows the way to take they there.

West Fjords

Immerse in the natural hot spring

5. Látrabjarg

Látrabjarg has many natural bird-cliffs that are the westernmost points of Iceland and Europe. The cliffs with the highest point at 444 meters (1,465ft) are the greatest destinations for nice puffins in Iceland. Tourists will see and come close to thousands of sea birds standing in their burrows above the cliff-top. There is a bus that will take guests to the cliffs on the route between Ísafjörður and the Breiðafjörður ferry on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Everyone can stroll around and discover for two hours. Furthermore, Rauðisandur - a fantastic red-sand beach at the southwest tip of the Westfjords is very worth having a look.

West Fjords

A nice photograph of pretty sea birds

6. Dynjandi waterfall

Dynjandi waterfall with the beauty of a stunning bridal dress is considered as the largest waterfall and the precious jewel of Westfjords. Located at the northern of Arnarfjörður and Dynjandisvogur bay, there is a set of magnificent cascades among which Fjallfoss is the largest and the main waterfall. Fjallfoss means mountain falls. It is 100 meters (328ft) in length and 60 meters (197ft) in width. And the collection also includes some outstanding cascades such as Göngumannafoss, Hundafoss, Sjóarfoss, Hrísvaðsfoss, and Strokkur.

West Fjords

The giant Dynjandi waterfall

This remote region has an excellent natural system with a charming beauty and amazing fertility. And West Fjords is also home to the most highlight fjords of Iceland along with marvelous hiking sites. Tourists will absolutely have a wonderful journey by setting foot on the gorgeous destinations in West Fjords.

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