The places with full of animals you may love to visit

The places with full of animals you may love to visit

From Fox village, Rabbit Island in Japan, to Crab Island in Australia, our beloved world is home to various places with full of animals. As an animal lover, the top 10 animal’s paradise below is a right place for you. Pack everything necessary and now let’s take a tour around places will full of animals all over the world.

1. Fox Village, Japan

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Fox village in Miyagi, Japan is one of the greatest places for fox lovers

Tucked away in the mountains in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, Fox Village is home to more than 100 animals and 6 different species of foxes. The mountainous village is one of the greatest places for fox-lovers in Japan. The village is divided into two parts. The first part looks like a zoo. You can only see few foxes, mostly in cages or with a leash. Besides, there are some cute bunnies, horses, and goats. The main part of this village is an open large area behind a door, where a large number of foxes live. You may fell like you are walking in the wilderness. You are to find foxes sleeping or resting. Feed them and then they will follow you for a while. That’s so cool! But don’t try to touch them because they might bite at you.

2. Rabbit Island, Japan

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Rabbit Island is crammed with hundreds of rabits

If you are fancy with rabbit, Rabbit Island or Okunoshima Island in Japan is a perfect place for you. The island was formerly a high-profile chemical weapon production site in World War I. Now it is crammed with hundreds of rabbits. It is said that rabbits now are descendants of those who were used for testing in WWI. But it is not true at all. The true story goes that the schoolchildren left bunnies while visiting here in the 1970s. Thanks to no-predator habitat here, they bred and bred and bred, and you know what is next.

3. Cat Island, Japan

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Cat Island is the most popular cat's paradise in Japan

Japan is home to a plenty of cat islands. Among those, Cat Island in Tashirojima, Miyagi Prefecture is the most popular one. Interestingly, there are more cats on the island than residents. While there are only about 100 people, the number of cats is up to hundreds. Cats are considered as a sign of good luck to the fishermen on the island. When you take your time to Tashirojima, you are able to stay at a cat-shaped house decorated by acclaimed manga artists.

4. Deer Island, Japan

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Miyajima Island is famous for not only Itsukushima Shrine but alo lovely deer

The home of famous Itsukushima Shrine – the Miyajima Island – is the popular destination for deer-lovers. In some region of Japan, deer are regarded as a pest. But here deer are beloved and protected. Even when you love to feed the deer, don't do that. Like the rest of Japan, there are a few rubbish bins in Miyajima Island so remember to bring bags to leave your waste in and keep out of reach of deer.

5. Crab Island, Australia

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Crab Island or Christmas Island houses 45 million of bright red crabs

On the tiny Christmas Island, an Australian territory, is home to about 45 million of bright red crabs. Hence, the island is also known as Crab Island. Once in the year, you can see millions of crabs marching on the shore to reproduce. And then millions of red baby crabs "travel" back to inland from the ocean. Since the 1980s, the number of crabs had reduced dramatically due to the invasion of yellow crazy ants. Thanks to the great efforts to reduce the ant population, crabs are now rebounding.

6. Pig Island, Bahamas

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Pig Island is the only place on this world that you find white beach, turquoise water and pigs altogether

Big Major Cay, better known as Pig Island is the only place in the world that you find white sandy beach, turquoise waters, and pigs altogether. About 20 pigs and piglets are the only residents on this lovely teeny island in the Caribbean. They partly live on the food from the tourists coming here. When the boat comes to Pig Island, these pinky cute pigs are to swim out for food. Stories of their origin are varied: left by sailors or survive a shipwreck. Either way, it's worth visiting there for the photogenic scenery and swimming pigs.

7. Pony Island, the USA

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Assateague Island is home to over 300 feral ponies

Sandwiched between Maryland and Virginia, Assateague Island is “possessed” by more than 300 feral ponies. Local lore goes that those horses are descendants of horses that survived the wreck of a Spanish galleon. But they were likely brought here by colonists in the 17th century. Either way, Assateague Island is a hash home to ponies because of the limit of food supply and numerous storms.

8. Monkey Island, Puerto Rico

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From 409 Rhesus Macaque monkey, now the number of monkeys on Monkey Island is up to nearly 1000

Cayo Santiago is a research center for the University of Puerto Rico. In 1938, 409 Rhesus Macaque monkeys were brought here. Now the number of monkeys here is up to roughly 1000 since then, giving the island the name Monkey Island. They are the only resident of this research center. Because Rhesus monkeys carry Herpes B so you as tourists can only see the island off the shore.

9. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

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Swimming with golden jelly fish used to be listed on the bucket list of any adventurers

As its name suggests, Jellyfish Lake is a lake of golden jellyfish trapped here about 12,000 years ago on untouched Eil Malk Island in Palau. With no existence of predators and the plentiful algae supply, from some jellyfish, the lake is crammed with golden jellyfish. Although they have stingers, they are too small to hurt humans. Swimming in the lake used to be listed on the bucket list of any adventurer from around the world. Now the Jellyfish Lake lost its namesake because the number of jellyfish are on the dramatic decline.

10. Polar Bear Bay, Canada

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Head to Churchill - the polar bear capital of the world - to get closer to the King of the Arctic

Two-thirds of polar bears in the world make Canada their home so that Canada should be your next destination if you love to get closer to the “King of the Arctic”. The famous spot for bear-watching is Churchill – the polar bear capital of the world. Each year in October and November,hundreds of polar bears march here to wait for the ice to form and their hunting season for seals set off. According to environmental expert, those white creatures are getting closer to extinct due to climate change. Therefore, take your time to Churchill, get on Tundra Buggy vehicles that are specially made to watch polar bear up close before it’s too late.

Which place do you prefer? A village full of lovely red foxes in Japan or an island crammed with hundreds of tiny red crabs in Australia. Wherever you are planning to go, it's definitely an incomparable traveling experience. So, what are you waiting for? Head to these places with full of animals before it's too late

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