The reasons that you should travel to Thailand

The reasons that you should travel to Thailand

Each year, thousands of visitors around the world come to Thailand, even the visitors that used to visit it many times before. What makes Thailand attract countless tourists to visit each year? These reasons will give you an exact answer.

To help you find out the reasons to visit Thailand as quick as possible, this article will share you a list of 5 primary facts that Thailand becomes the top landscape of visitors, including culture, food, shopping and beaches.

1. Varied and unique Culture


Water festival - a unique festival in Thailand

The first reason that people want to explore Thailand is the abundant and distinctive culture of it. Thailand, "the Land of Smiles", is also known as the friendliest nation in the world.

This comes from “Sanuk” philosophy which is about the optimism and enjoying the life of Thailand. They believe that to live and to exist is a miracle, so everyone is always optimistic and enjoy their life best. That is the reason why there are many attractive and unique festivals in Thailand.


There are many sacred temples to discover there

The belief in Buddha is one of the original features in Thailand culture, which contributes to the building of magnificent structures with a high respect for monks, parents and Buddha. This is a similarity in culture of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar as well.

Have you ever seen a country which is open-minded about homosexuality and transgender or a country still appeals tourists in spite of national conflict like Thailand? Are there any countries that citizens behave with strange people like their relatives?

Thanks to the hospitality and friendliness of the citizens, Thailand becomes one of the most attractive destinations of thousands of visitors annually. That's one of the main reasons why almost tourists want to visit the country many times.

2. Suitable price, convenient transportation


Tuk tuk - a special transport in Thailand

Travelling in Thailand, you don’t need to worry about transportation because there have several kinds of vehicles such as: bus, MRT, BRT, tuk tuk or colorful taxi with cheap price. A good vehicle and the hospitality of citizens in Thailand will make your trip more comfortable and memorable.

Especially, Thailand also plays a vital role as an important transit exchange station that all visitors have chance to travel round Asia easily.

Thailand shares the border with many areas, such as: Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Andaman Sea.

Moreover, there are trains to Kuala Lumpur, Vientiane and flights to China, India and Nepal that are not expensive as well.

Therefore, with just $ 1 per day for storing your luggage at hotel, you are able to explore Asian countries without worrying anything.

3. Various and distinctive cuisine


Don't miss the interesting cuisine in the country

It’s not exaggerated that cuisine is the hottest reason for visitors to come to Thailand.

Food there is the mixture of spicy, sour of herbals, fresh ingredients and special cooking that brings a special tasty to all visitors.

In addition, specific dishes from various kinds of fruit such as: mango, coconut, durian, and so on, which can be easily found in every street in Thailand will satisfy even the prissiest people.

4. Paradise for shopping


Colorful night markets in Bangkok

Travelling to Thailand, you can’t stand visiting night markets such as: Asiatique, Khaosan Road, Ratchadaphisek, Rot Fai, Silom – Patpong and Chatuchak. In these markets, it’s not difficult to choose for you an impressive T-shirt, a pretty bag or jewels with a good price.

Besides, there are a lot of shopping centers. Some suggestions are: Platinum, Shibuya 19, Central World, Siam Paragon, MBK, Big C, Palladium, Terminal 21, and so on. Everything can be found there from casual things to exclusive brands. Don’t miss it if you’re a shopaholic.

5. Heaven of islands


Thailand is the heaven for beach lovers

All wild and long white sand beaches, fresh sea and green palm trees create a romantic and charming atmosphere in Thailand. Is there anything more idealistic than walking on the beach with your honey and enjoy the beauty of breaking dawn and sunset? It’s also a good reason that you should travel to Thailand as soon as possible.

Top of famous and attractive beaches in Thailand that you had better not to miss: Phang Nga Bay – the most beautiful bay in Thailand, Maya Bay, Kok Phi Phi Island, Ao Nang, Kof Phan Nga Island, Pattaya, etc.

Are the reasons above enough for you to try discovering Thailand? Choose a reason for yourselves, take your luggage and enjoy wonderful things in the beautiful country.

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