Things to know before touring Fukuoka, Japan

Things to know before touring Fukuoka, Japan

Travelling to Fukuoka, a Kyushu's largest and one of Japan's ten most populated cities, you will have scope to experience graceful landscapes, colorful festivals and tasty dishes. Within Japan, Fukuoka is best known for its unique food and large red-light district.

The city also has temples, shrines, festivals, castle ruins, beaches, islands, shopping, entertainment and nightlife. This post will provide you with useful knowledge to have a memorable and save journey in the “city of planes”.



The best time to make a travel tour to there in is spring

Fukuoka is a tropical land that is hot in summer and cold in winter. Although the best period to visit Fukuoka is raining season, the temperature is extremely comfortable. Especially, many festivals are held, such as: Hakata Gion Yamakasa with well decorated Yamakasa performances and famous Japanese character’s models.

Additionally, you are also able to explore this spot in spring to enjoy dazzling cherry blossoms or in summer to swim.

Travel guide:


Subway is commonly used to travel to well-known spots in this place

From Fukuoka airport, it is popular to catch a subway or bus to enter city’s center and other landmarks in this place.

If you choose the subway as the main vehicle, it is necessary to prepare for yourselves a JR Pass Card to save money. Besides, a travel Fukuoka map and subway timetable are really vital to prevent you from straying.

Furthermore, bus is also the favorite mean of transport when visiting this spot. The routine of buses is from Hakata to Tenjin station, which is convenient to explore the 2 towns with only ¥100.

At the weekend, Green Loop bus will start from Hakata station to other famous places in Fukuoka. Its cover charge is ¥250 per station of ¥700 for the whole tour.


Here is the list of well-known hotel in Fukuoka that you can consult before traveling:


Exclusive and comfortable hotels there are always highly appropriated by tourists

Deluxe Hotels:

-- JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Hakata Central

-- Hakata Green Hotel Annex

-- JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Fukuoka

These hotels are located in the central of city, which is appropriate for traffic and exploring famous destinations in Fukuoka. Customers will be served with the most furnished and luxurious room, restaurant, outdoor pool, steam bathroom, or even tea ceremony room. They cost about ¥4.480 to ¥5.000 per night.

Low-priced Hotels:

-- Khaosan Fukuoka Annex

-- Toyoko Inn Hakata Nishi-Nakasu

-- Toyoko Inn Hakata Ekimae Gion

The rooms in these inns are full equipment with private kitchen, computer room and game station connected with free high speed Internet. The cover charge in these places is from ¥1.991 to ¥5.000

Tourist Attractions:

Even though there is a few landscapes here unlike other cities in Japan, it is not Fukuoka trip without visiting the list of spots below:

Sumiyoshi-jinja Temple:


The impressive design of Sumiyoshi-jinja Temple

It is the place not only to worship Poseidon but also harbor important treasures like ancient sword, old manuscript, and copper ax. Particularly, tourists will have chance to see the traditional Fukuoka’s parade in October.

Fukuoka Castle:

This castle is considered as the symbol of wealthy and power of Hideyoshi Toyotomi Lord, and the forefather of the following castle structure in Japan.

Nanzoin Pagoda


Nanzoin Pagoda - one of the must-see attractions in Fukuoka

Nazoin is formerly seen as the most sacred pagoda in Fukuoka, whose prominence is the tremendous copper lying Buddha statue in the fresh garden.

Kyushu National Museum

The place built in 2005 attracts hundreds of travelers annually due to its beautiful construction, archaeological sites, and national treasures in the 15th century.


One of the most appealing facts of Fukuoka is its cuisine. With more than 200 restaurants serving all day, “wonder food land” Fukuoka is an indispensable spot in must-visit list of foodaholic all over the world. The most famed dishes that you should try once are:

Tonkotsu Ramen:


Don't miss Tonkotsu Ramen during time in Fukuoka

This special Ramen is complexly cooked. Long, soft noodles are made from wheat flour and salt water along with smooth and delicious broths made of pig bones and some other secret ingredients.


This Mentaiko originated from Korea, but it was prepared to fit Japanese taste. There is absolutely nothing more wonderful than nipping salted Pollock roe spiced with rice or hot Sake wine. Visitors can taste this kind of food in every street restaurant in Fukuoka.

Hakata Gyoza:


This is one of the most popular dishes in Japan

A crispy dumpling with soft cabbage and pork will immerse certain customers from the first bite. Traditionally, Japanese eat Hakata Gyoza with a plate of Ramen, but nowadays each Yatai restaurant has its own cooking style and tasting.


Tempura is a kind of pieces of deep fried seafood and vegetables. It is popularly offered as a main dish or a topping for Tendon rice bowl or Udon and Soba. Tempura can be enjoyed in several types of restaurants in this city.

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