Things to know before touring Thailand

Things to know before touring Thailand

Welcome to Thailand - the country of silky beaches, ancient temples, friendly locals and exquisite cuisine. A tour to this land will be an unforgettable experience to live your life to the fullest. If you plan to visit Thailand one day, take time to look at the following suggestions to have the most wonderful trip ever.

When to go

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Thailand looks gorgeous when autumn comes

Like many countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand features in tropical climate with four distinctive seasons, each of which holds its own charm to make the nation a favorite destination for tourists. It is highly recommended to drop by the country from November to February when the weather is the most favorable with bright sunshine, fresh breezes and spectacular landscapes.

Where to stay

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An outstanding view of Movenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya

The first and foremost thing you need to be aware when landing on Thailand is a comfortable accommodation to have a relaxing holiday. Here are some choices for you. If you travel in Bangkok, you can stay in Berkeley Hotel Platunam - a luxurious hotel with a great location or the budget Modena by Fraser hotel. In Phuket, the five-star Movenpick Siam Hotel Pattaya or Tropica Bungalow hotel is also a great selection for you.

Where to go

Thailand is regarded as the land of tourism with numerous exciting destinations. Coming to Thailand, visitors can feast their eyes on both outstanding artificial architectures and incredible natural scenery. A tour throughout this country will be a fun-filled memory in your life. Let's take a look at the top most popular tourist attractions in Thailand.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

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Grand Palace - the symbol of the Thai Kingdom

Earning the reputation as the city's most famous landmark, the Grand Palace stands out with its glorious look. Dating back to 150 years ago, the palace used to be home of the Thai King. Nowadays, it leaves a great impression on travelers by sophisticated design of a magnificent palace. The palace still remains the royal atmosphere and the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom.

Safari World

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Welcome to Safari World - the world of wild animals

Located 12 km far from Bangkok, Safari World is a must-visit destination when setting your feet on Thailand. It is the largest natural park in Asia where a number of wild animals from all around the world reside. A bus will take tourists around the park to witness lovely monkeys or soak in funny bird songs.

Safari World is where marine and forest animals meet, where people find excitement and where children can learn about the wildlife. Don't forget to bring a camera with you to take unique shots.

Floating market, Bangkok

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A colorful floating market in Bangkok

Floating market is a typical beauty of the capital city. As its name, floating market is a market on boats that are full of food and fruits. Each boat is a small store selling different goods, creating a vibrant picture. It must be a great experience to enjoy a hot Thai soup in a floating house. Traveling to Bangkok, you can drop by Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa, Bang Nam Phaung markets to have a closer look at the local life.

Phi Phi island, Phuket

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A breathtaking view of Phi Phi island, Phuket

Phi Phi island is Thailand's beautiful pearl with sheer cliffs rising from the crystal-clear emerald water. Phi Phi in the eyes of tourists is a picturesque masterpiece with no hustle and bustle, no touch of human's modern life.

The beach-front jungle makes the island the number-one choice for many travelers. Spectacular white beach with silky sand makes Phi Phi a paradise during hot summer days. Let's book a tour to this lovely island and enjoy the best holiday ever.

Chiang Rai tour

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The incredible White Temple in Chiang Rai

Tourists visiting Thailand cannot ignore the famous Chiang Mai with a lot of stunning spots, one of which is the White Temple - the symbol of this land. With white color and glass plasters, the temple sparkles in the brilliant sunshine.

Continuing your trip with the Golden Triangle, you can see the meeting point of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. Your fascinating tour will stop at Yao Hill Tribe village where you have chance to get closer to the residents there.

What to eat

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Don't forget to enjoy Thai food

Thailand is known as the paradise of food. From sophisticated dishes in elegant restaurants to simple street food, all are worth trying. Thai cuisine attracts tourists with its sour and a little spicy flavor. Traveling to Thailand, you must try Thai hot pot, Tom yam, Phat Thai, Som Tam, sweet mango rice, etc. which make up the grand name for Thai food.

Thailand is mentioned as an ideal destination for pleasant holidays and wonderful experiences. Coming to the country, tourists can enjoy a fun-filled time.

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