Tips to know for a safe trip to Mount Fuji, Japan

Tips to know for a safe trip to Mount Fuji, Japan

Although August is not the best term to travel in Japan, it is the most suitable time to explore Mount Fuji. Fuji, beyond the most famous mountain in Japan, is also the symbol for its country. It was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage site in 2013 and has considered a striking growth in the number of travelers visiting annually.

You will not only see the whole Fuji’s scene from the top but also explore icing caves, death forest or even attain this sacred Japanese mountain. Here are all useful tips you need to know for a safe trip to Mount Fuji.

1. Well prepared:


trip to Mount Fuji

Exercise your physical strength before hiking Fuji

The foundation and vital standard to achieve Mount Fuji is the best physical well-being. According to reports, there are only 30% of tourists that can reach the peak of this mountain. Therefore, before deciding to participate in this iconic journey, you had better practice your body carefully by activities like: jogging, climbing artificial mountains or small hills.

Climbing necessities:

trip to Mount Fuji

A furnished hiking bag will make your trip safer

Bag: The neat and waterproof one will be the best choice for your trip.

Shoes: The rocky terrain and strong wind gusts are reasons to bring proper hiking shoes in order to protect your ankles. If not, you can take comfortable sport shoes and thin socks.

Clothes: bringing proper protection is the cleverest way to prevent low temperature and strong winds. I can be below zero at the summit, and winds usually make it colder. Raincoats and waterproof gloves are recommended both against the coldness and for hiking steep, rocky passages.

Medicine: Because of the temperature change, you can be gone down with flu or fever. Consequently, flu, fever drug or even a small oxygen tank are the important item when climbing.

Other implements: hat, flashlight, sunglasses, isotonic drink, dried food, rice balls, and chocolate should be carried in case you do not fit food in caravanserais in Mount Fuji.

2. Essential tips for Fuji climbing:

Do not hike alone:

trip to Mount Fuji

Travelling in group can prevent tourists from getting lost

It’s quite long and craggy to reach the summit of Fuji. As a result, you should explore this place in group so as not to get lost. There are 10 caravanserais on Fuji in total. It takes 30 minutes walking from a station to another. They are the spots that hikers can have meal, buy souvenirs, the cover charge’s high though.

In case of being strayed, tourists should keep their position and wait for partners in the group or tick your way by special signal instead of wandering.

Use train to reach the 5th station:

As mentioned above, Mount Fuji is divided into ten stations with the first station at the foot of the mountain and the tenth station being the summit. It is common that many wanderers take a train to the 5th stage and start hiking to the 10th station.

Some professional climbers often begin from the first of third stage, but visitors should not mimic because it quickly makes you tired.

The ascent to the summit does not have any major difficulties involving climbing skills. Only at some points, the terrain is rather steep and rocky. Plentiful signs along the trail warn the tourists of other tiny problems such as sudden wind gusts and falling rocks.

Keep body warm:

The higher this place is, the washier the atmosphere is. Therefore, from the third stage, hikers must wear a lot clothes, and provide energy for their body before continuing exploring. Necessarily, using oxygen tank is a helpful method to prevent breathing heavily.

You also have to store the food in thermostat box unless you want to enjoy an icing meal. However, you are able to buy meal at stations.

From the 5th to 6th stage, the road is easy to climb up. Nonetheless, you would rather be careful at steep cliffs from the 7th to 10th stair. There is none of station here, and the trail is bumpy with many slopes. The climb up is only six kilometers, but it takes around six hours to reach the summit due to the sheer number of people on Fuji.


trip to Mount Fuji

You will have the opportunity to admire the amazing sunset on the mountain

The most suitable time for tourist to achieve the peak of Fuji is in the afternoon. When coming to the summit of Mount Fuji, you will have chance to enjoy the most world’s wonderful scenery of sunset. This is also the reason why this mountain appealing thousands of travelers yearly.

trip to Mount Fuji

Sunrise on the majestic place will not make you disappointed

Another common way is to begin climbing the mountain in the late evening from the 5th station and hike through the night to reach the summit around sunrise. This is a more tiring way of climbing the mountain and is discouraged by the local authorities as it brings an increased risk of altitude sickness and injury.

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