Top best places to visit in the Highlands of Iceland

Top best places to visit in the Highlands of Iceland

With the area of more than 40,000 square kilometers, the Highlands of Iceland are considered one of the biggest remote regions in the world. They are renowned as the pounding heart of the island as well as the masterpiece of nature created from the eruption of the oldest volcanoes of the Rift Valley.

Go to the south of the area, once the snow-covered mountain roads are melted and open to welcome visitors from around the world, you will have the chance to explore natural wonders that are considered the best places to visit in the Icelandic Highlands. These famous destinations are not too far from the capital Reykjavik so you can easily access via self-drive trips or bus tours.

Askja Caldera

There are many visitors traveling to the Highlands of Iceland just to admire the Askja Caldera, which is nestled in the Dyngjufjöll mountains in the central part of the country.

22aa1a-62c177e8682942c9864e01271ad0e0c6-1499934912The incredible beauty of Askja Caldera with the famous Lake Viti

Askja is a kind of volcanoes with many floors up to more than 1,500 meters. The caldera has two adjacent lakes, including the Viti hot water pool and the Oskjuvatn cold lake. The small Lake Viti attracts tourists thanks to the blue water as a jewel.

Despite the icy weather of the polar region, the lake is warm all year around at about 30 degrees Celsius due to its geothermal power supply. So, the idea of immersing yourself in the hot water pool surrounded by majestic glaciers always makes you go to Askja.

Hekla Volcano

The latest strong eruption of Hekla volcano was recorded in 1104. Each time it erupted, it created a frightening scene with high dust and covered nearly 40 kilometers of the area. The volcano is 1,491 meters high and is one of the most active volcanoes in Iceland, having been "awakened" 20 times in the last millennium.

896829-1499935032Hekla, the volcano is famous for its powerful eruptions in the past

In an eruption in the past, the pebbles of this mountain destroyed the fields and livestock and left many dead. So since the Middle Ages, Hekla has been labeled as the "Gateway to Hell" by locals and became a popular tourist destination for adventure lovers.

Landmannalaugar Valley

Located in southwestern Iceland, the Landmannalaugar Valley, with its colorful mountains and surreal landscapes next to the Hekla volcano, is always ranked in the list of top best destinations to visit in the Icelandic Highlands.

large-1499935099Landmannalaugar is considered one of the most majestic natural landmarks in Iceland

The endless landscape is also created by the contrasting terrain of canyons, volcanic craters and lakes, highlands and deserts. And the symbol of the valley is the Brennisteinsalda mountain range. At the foot of the mountain is Lake Frostadavatn. The combination of water and fire with the eternal lava flow there gives the spot a more splendid view.

In addition, the valley also builds a campsite for visitors. In spite of being rude, the camp has mobile grocery stores, bars, health stations, etc. and the atmosphere in the camp always busy with the streams of tourists coming out during the tourist season.

landmannalaugar-in-the-highlands-of-iceland-a-geothermal-tour-with-breathtaking-rhyolite-mountains-4-1499935224The campsite at the foot of the mountains in the valley

Thorsmork Valley

Thorsmork is a famous valley located among spectacular volcanoes in the south, interwoven between the majestic mountains and glistening glaciers. The valley is considered the most famous hiking region of Iceland with many mountain roads, which is suitable for 4-wheel trip.

thorsmork-laugavegur-volcano-glacier-views-iceland22-1499935357Thorsmork valley has a number of famous hiking trails

Some significant glaciers nearby the valley can be listed as Tindfjallajökull, Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull. In addition, this is also a great place to enjoy sunset in Iceland with incredible views overlooking majestic mountain ranges.

blinded-1499935397Watching sunset at the valley is such an unforgettable experience

Kerlingarfjöll Mountain

Kerlingarfjöll, also known as the Old Lady Mountain, is situated in the southern part of Icelandic Highlands, about 180 kilometers from the capital, Reykjavik. If you plan to visit this mountain, it is possible to take a trip to other famous Icelandic destinations such as Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir, Langjökkull, Jarlhettu, Vatn Hagavatn and Bla'fell. Because there are lots of F lines (hard to drive), it is advised to use 4-wheeler to access the spot.

4981971087-18fb19b545-b-1499935474Kerlingarfjöll - a must-see place in the Icelandic Highlands

There are many reasons why Kerlingarfjöll becomes one of best places to visit in the Highlands of Iceland, and perhaps the most important reason is that the mountains offer tourists a lot of exciting things to do and see.

Due to the different geological structure, the mountain has different colors such as reddish brown, turquoise, yellow light because of melting glacial erosion. It is also an ideal destination for those who love mountain climbing, adventurous sports and horse riding.

4178-3-selected-1499935582There are a lot of interesting activities for tourists to enjoy there

Today, the Highlands of Iceland is no longer unfamiliar to many, as they have become more attractive to adventurous tourists. Coming to best places to visit in the Icelandic Highlands mentioned above, you should not forget to bring a camera to capture the majestic natural beauty created by the huge mountains, vast valleys and gorgeous glaciers there.

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