Top famous destinations in Thailand

Top famous destinations in Thailand

Do you want to explore many different countries but don't have any ideas about destinations? Why don’t you take a trip to Thailand – an amazing spot for travelling? Thailand’s prominence as a country with beautiful landscapes and friendly people thanks largely to golden pagodas and Buddhism. Don’t be hesitant anymore, take a look at the following list about well-known landscapes in Thailand to prepare your own bucket list.

1. Thailand Grand Palace

Address: At center of Bangkok famous destinations in Thailand

The superb beauty of the must-see attraction in Thailand

You shouldn’t miss the Grand Palace with its magnificent palaces. Along with a large precinct, Grand Palace includes 3 main zones: Imperial Palace, temples and royal rooms. Therefore, you'll probably spend at least a half of day to visit all of spots in this place.

Coming there, tourist will be completely overwhelmed by palaces, pagodas, statues and even tables which are totally golden. Because the Grand Palace is a sacred place, you should dress appropriately while visiting it.

2. Chiang Mai

Address: In the North West of Thailand, about 700 kilometers from Bangkok

famous destinations in Thailand

The breathtaking scene of this place

The next landscape is Chiang Mai which is voted as one of the most popular attractions in Thailand. There are many things that you can’t miss, such as: Singha Park, Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai Ancient Town, Chiang Mai night market, Water Festival, and so on.

Regarding natural beauty, Chiang Mai isn’t inferior to other places because of the combination of wonderful mountains, waterfalls, and artificial structures. In addition, Khao Soi is known as the most delicious dish in Thailand. It's made from egg noodle and vegetables that tourists shouldn’t waste a good chance to taste when travelling there.

3. Railay Beach

Address: In Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi District,Krabi Province

famous destinations in Thailand

Railay Beach with white sand and fresh sea

Located in the South of Thailand, Railay beach is a prominent place where has the beauty of paradise in Thailand with a long white sand beach and fresh sea. It will be really romantic if you walk along the beach with your lover to enjoy breaking dawn and sunset in the morning and evening.

4. Tiger Cave Temple

Address: not far from Railay Beach

famous destinations in Thailand

The most beautiful place for sightseeing in Thailand

Positioned on the top of a high mountain, Tiger Cave Temple is not only the most sacred temple of Thailand but also the most beautiful spot for sightseeing and taking photos in the country. You have to overcome 1,237 stairs to discover the top of this temple, so wearing suitable clothes is the most important factor that make your trip more interesting.

According to local citizens, “Tiger Cave" was named after the legend that there were several tiger footprints in caves in this temple. It’s free to visit in the Tiger Cave, so if you have chance to visit Railay Beach, don’t forget to explore the beauty in Tiger Cave Temple once.

5. Koh Phi Phi Island

Address: Kabri Province,in the South of Thailand

famous destinations in Thailand

The impressive beauty of the island

Koh Phi Phi also belongs to Kabri Province. The charming Koh Phi Phi Island attracts a lot of visitors with its exciting entertainment activities like scuba diving, kayaking, and fishing. It takes about 1,5 hours to boat from land to this island with a suitable fee for both adults and children.

6. Bang Pa In Grand Palace

Address: Tambon Ban Len,Amphoe Bang Pa-in, about 60 kilometers from Bangkok famous destinations in Thailand

The pure atmosphere in the famous destination

Bang Pa In used to be Imperial city of Thailand. It’s also called “Summer Palace” because of the fresh atmosphere from many lakes surrounding this palace.

Moreover, Bang Pa in Grand Palace impresses visitors by its modern European structure. If you have intention to visit this Palace, take advantage of your time since it just opens from 8:30 to 17:00 and stops selling ticket at 15:30.

7. Wat Mahathat Pagoda

Address: between Grand Palace and National Museum

famous destinations in Thailand

Buddha Statues in this famous pagoda

Although it isn’t considered as the most beautiful pagoda, this is the most sacred religious area in Thailand. The most interesting thing when visiting this pagoda is Buddha faces fully hold in tree roots that creates a lively and mysterious scene.

Visitors and Buddhists can come to this famous pagoda to pray good health and prosperity for their family or friends.

Beside above popular spots, you can come to other attractions: Thale Ban National Park in Satun Province, Damnoen Saduak floated market near Bangkok, Wat Rong Khun Temple in Chiang Rai, Thi Lo Su Waterfall in the North of Thailand, Similan Island, Phuket, etc.

These are the most famous destinations in Thailand that you can’t miss. If you have an opportunity, try to explore all of spots in Thailand because they’re actually wonderful.

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