Top five must-see attractions in Aichi

Top five must-see attractions in Aichi

Aichi is a prefecture located in Chubu – the center of Japan. It has Nagoya as its capital which is the 4th largest city in Japan. Nagoya is both economic and tourism center of Aichi.

Although Nagoya is considered as a potential tourist attraction in Japan, unfortunately, it is ignored as if a station on the routine of Tokaido Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo. Actually, Nagoya is a vibrant, modern and metropolitan city.

In this post, we will introduce you some impressive destinations that you should not miss when visiting Achiki in general and Nagoya in particular.

1. Nagoya City Science Museum:


The special structure of this place will surprise visitors

Nagoya City Science Museum is positioned in Sakae, Nagoya center. This place is formerly known as one of the best scientific museum and astronomic center all over the world. This museum has 3 main parts which are Modern Technology, Life Science and General Science.

The maxim of this planetarium center is “Watch, Touch and Discover”. It is sure that you will have exciting experience in this place. They serve an astonishing planetarium show that makes you feel like as if you were under the starry sky. The show is so enjoyable and knowledgeable that it is certain tourists will adore it.

Therewith, this destination uses inducting tablets along with other techniques which allow visitors to research about space and latest technology on the rooftop.

2. Nagoya Castle:


You can enjoy beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms in the castle in spring

Nagoya is one of the most famous castles in Japan which is more than 350 years old. Its prominence spreads throughout the world thanks to its largest structure, majestic and distinctive architecture. In fact, this castle has scenery that is more brilliant and well-preserving than Himeji – another famed one in Hyogo prefecture.

It was a pity that almost of original construction of this landmark was ruined in World War II. The one that tourists have chance to enjoy these days is a replica rebuilt in 1959. Nagoya castle is located the center of Nagoya city which is still highlight with every tower corners.

It is also the place where you can actually see the golden dolphins. Visitors are able to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere here by just taking a world around the castle.

3. Twin Arch 138:


This iconic spot is impressive due to its unique form and garish flower park below

This special place is a 138-meter-tall tower called “Twin Arch 138” which possesses an observation chamber 100meters above the ground. Its unique structure is shown through two arches of different heights in a hyperbolic curving with the elevator shaft in the middle symbolize the “magnificent flow of water in Kiso Three Rivers". The tower is positioned in Ichinomiya City.

Twin Arch 138 is Japan's first arch-type tower and is tallest of its kind in the East. Two high-speed elevators take the visitors to the observation platform 70 seconds.

Travelers can visit this landscape freely without entrance fee. Apart from the two arches, there is a beautiful park surrounding with a number of 4000 seasonal flowers, such as: tulips, roses, hyacinths and cherry blossoms. The best time to visit this destination is in December when the part is entirely decorated with more than 500.000 colorful lights.

4. Little World Museum of Man:


Visiting this landmark, visitors feel as if they got lost in a tiny Earth

Little World Museum of Man standing in Inuyama city is a distinct outdoor museum. You are absolutely amazed with miniature models of all well-known tourist attractions around the world. Walking 2.5 kilometers in the theme park, wanderers will have scope to discover tiny Earth without difficulties.

This outdoor museum imitates several traditional constructions and specialties of many countries in the world. There are about 33 different buildings from 22 nations for you to explore. Additionally, tourist can also wear traditional clothes and take photos.

5. Laguna Gamagori:


This is the most ideal place for thousands of travelers in hot summer

Laguna Gamagori is a resort located in Mikawa Bay, Gamagori city. The glorious attraction here is the Lagunasia theme park with pools and other impressive spots. The theme park functions as Atlantic harbor city opposite to Adriatic Sea. It is also the place have the interesting rollercoasters, playful games for every ages as well.

If you have chance to visit this spot in the summer, you will be completely seduced by the amazing stretch of 6 outdoor pools. In order to cut down on the draconic summer, these ponds include a large wave pool, a 230-meter-long one and 2 tall waterslides.

If rollercoaster is not interesting enough, you had better enjoy other services in this place. For example: shopping center, restaurant, natural hot springs in Laguna Spa and Laguna Marina, and the biggest harbor in the central of Japan.

In conclusion, Aichi prefecture is a wonderland that consists of not only sacred castles but also beautiful scenes that is worth exploring once in your trip to Japan.

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