Top interesting things to do in Japan

Top interesting things to do in Japan

Japan tends to be the most beloved country that tourists pick up to visit thanks to its scenic beauty, gorgeous destinations, and plentiful culture. The “Land of sunrise” is the wonderful contrast of ancient temples and vibrant metropolitan city, green foggy hills and subways, rich business men and beautiful Geishas. Apart from these things, you will be absolutely pleasant and satisfied when traveling in this country due to the warm welcome of Japanese people.

If you want to explore interesting things in Japan, let’s take a look at this post to enjoy your trip in Japan till the least.

1. Onsen – Hot Springs:


Onsen is a favorite place of Japanese

What can be more exciting than sinking in a hot spring stream with your family? Both natural and artificial hot springs are dotted around Japan, which contribute to build a healthy leisure for not only domestic citizens but also abroad tourists at weekends.

If visitors access remote areas in this country, they will have chance to enjoy natural stunning steams hidden in mountains or fresh fauna. In spite of the craggy trails to these places, Japanese pristine hot steams are really good for seniors thanks to the health effects on people’s muscles and flanges.

In many Onsen, they are divided into 2 rooms: for men and for women. Exploring these spot, it is commonly to find local residents soak without clothes. Nonetheless, a swimwear is acceptable if you are still embarrassed.

2. Visiting Museum and Temples:


Beautiful temples become one of the most impressive destinations in this country

There are several amazing museums and temples around the country. Sensoji is the most ancient temple in Tokyo, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. This temple is impressive with its majestic gate and colorful stages.

Numerous souvenir shops and restaurants are located here, so it is quit convenient for visitors experience specialties of Japan and take them home as keepsake.

Besides, travelers can also discover Japanese history by visiting Tokyo National Museum. This museum shares 5 halls to exhibit historic and cultural Japanese relics.

3. Flower viewing:


Thousands of visitors are amazed at the colorful autumn leaves there

Deserved with the reputation about beautiful flowers, it is not a complete trip without visiting flower gardens in Japan.

In autumn, tourist will have chance to observe the dazzling red leaves.

April is a suitable period to enjoy the garish cherry blossoms.

4. Cuisine:

Japanese food is an indispensable reason why wanderers choose this country as the most ideal destination. Here are some specialties which you should take advantage to enjoy in this place.



Trying fresh authentic sushi will be an unforgettable experience

Sushi is apparently a flavored gift that Japan gives to the world cuisine. Sushi has proved its fame basing on the fresh ingredients and fluent knives skills of Japanese chefs.

In Japan, sushi is usually enjoyed on special occasions, such as a celebration.

Japanese cuisine is far broader than what we find in restaurants in the western world, but one of the major differences in the style of sushi is the scarceness of rolls in comparison to other ways of preparing sushi.

A rice roll covered with a slice of raw seafood or seaweed served on the plate will make you satisfied, even the strictest customers.

Visitors are recommended to enjoy sushi in Sushisho Masa, Roppongi because of its special taste and friendly price.



The tasty dish of Takoyaki

If someone uses “octopus balls” to remind you about Takoyaki, don’t definitely believe it because these words cannot express the entire flavor of this dish.

The outer shell is crispy which overlies the fresh octopus other ingredients inside. Some red ginger, onion and tasty sauce make everyone drip wet from the first sight.

This is the most popular food in Japanese festivals. Don’t lose chance to experience it!

Originally from Kansai, the area of Japan where you can find Osaka and Kyoto, it has since spread to all corners of the country. Likewise, different regional varieties of Takoyaki have developed over time as the dish has migrated.

They can also be found being sold at convenience stores, food trucks, and in people's homes as well.

Kabayaki – Grilled Eel Meat:


Freshwater eel is a delicacy prized for its taste and texture

Freshwater eel (unagi) is a delicacy prized for its taste and texture.

Kabayaki is eel meats which are dipped into delicious sauce and rose up sweet fragrance after grilled.

Eel meat is considered as one of the most nutritious food all over the world. Therefore, this food is popularly picked at restaurants in the summer.

Ochazuke – Rice with Green Tea:


Visitors will be surprised with the strange but delicious dish

Ochazuke is seen as the “chicken soup for soul” of Japanese. This dish is obviously interesting with the combination of modest rice and green tea flavor in seaweed soup. On the top of Ochazuke are chopped salmon pieces, which raise a significant passion for enjoyers.

Visitors can choose other optional toppings including fried salmon skin, tuna or shrimp, wakame seaweed, poached or fried egg, enoki or shiitake mushrooms, crumbled rice crackers, kizami-nori (shredded nori seaweed), and furikake.

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