Top night markets to shop in Bangkok, Thailand

Top night markets to shop in Bangkok, Thailand

Shopping at the following well-known night markets in Bangkok, Thailand you are able to buy various kinds of item such as: clothes, jewels, accessories, even the most unique antiques for your friends and relatives. Exploring these markets, you have a chance not only to buy low-priced things but also to have exciting and memorable experience in the Land of Golden Temples.

According to some shopping guidance in Bangkok, you should avoiding shopping on Mondays because it is the moment when hawking stalls are banned in the city. Therefore, several night markets seldom open or even close on Mondays.

1. Ratchayothin Market

Travelling guide: This market is located next to Major Cineplex Ratchayothin. You can take a tramcar at the nearest stations which are Mo Chit or Phahonyothin. Then, it takes a few time to travel by taxi or motorbike to arrive this night market.

Opening time: from Tuesday to Sunday, about 16.00 p.m to 23.00 p.m

night markets in Bangkok

Ratchayothin Market sells a wide range of items

Ratchayothin is an outdoor night market that mainly serves for local resident or people watching film at the Major Cineplex Ratchayothin Cinema. It sells a wide range of items such as: clothes in Korean or Japanese style, cosmetics, accessories, telephone parts and so on with a good price.

Some stores allow paying by credit cards. Besides, if you do not adore shopping, you can enjoy Jazz music at a bar in this market or walk around the market and watch a movie at Major Cineplex Ratchayothin Cinema.

2. Talad Rot Fai Market

Travelling guide: take a train to Kamphaengphet station, and then turn right. This market is on the right of you.

Opening time: from Saturday and Sunday, about 14.00 to midnight

night markets in Bangkok

Blink red lights hang around the place

Talad Rot Fai night market is positioned in Prawet District on the East South of Bangkok capital. The primary things sold there are old toys, ancient items or even paper clips from the former of Soviet Union.

Discovering this market, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourselves into an ancient and romantic atmosphere with blink red lights hang around. You can also walk around with friends or enjoy the classical music performance of 1950s.

3. Khao San Market

Travelling guide: Khao San is linked with Chakrabongse and Tanao roads. To come to Khao San night market, you can take a taxi or a tuk tuk.

Opening time: Khao San offers food all day and the activities slow down from 23.00 p.m

night markets in Bangkok

Unique kinds of food are sold at Khao San Market

This area is very familiar with visitors who have chance to travel to Bangkok, Thailand. It is famous for not only its distinctive cuisine but also the diverse items for shopping.

Exploring Khao San night market, you are able to find out everything from interesting souvenirs, clothes, shoes to attractive accessories with an economical cost.

After shopping, you might take a walk on the street with your friends or enjoy the most well-known bars such as: Hippie de Bar and Brick Bar.

4. Pak Khlong Talat Market

Travelling guide: It’s on Maharat street, next to T-junction between Chakraphet street and Saphan Phut night market. From the Sanphan Taksin tramcar station, you can go to this market by a boat at Sanphan Phut harbor or a taxi to come quicker.

Opening time: Pak Khlong Talat Market opens all day, but the most crowded moment is after 2.00 a.m

night markets in Bangkok

Lovely flowerpots in this place

Pak Khlong Talat is one of the biggest markets in Bangkok, Thailand which chiefly serves the most colorful and beautiful flowers. Visiting there, you will be absolutely seduced by a sweet-scented and fresh atmosphere. Don’t forget to take a lot of photos or buy pretty and attractive flowerpots like: jasmine, marigold, or rose.

Moreover, this night market also offers various kinds of vegetables, betel and areca, and fruits or delicious and rare drinks as soft drink from lavender.

5. Silom – Patpong Market

Travelling guide: it is between Dusit Thani hotel and the riverbank of Charoenkrung Street. You had better take a skytrain to Sala Daeng station and stop at the middle of the trip.

Opening time: Hawking stalls in Silcom just open from Tuesday to Sunday, at 18.00 p.m to 1.00 a.m. While “Red-light District” opens till 2.00 a.m every day.

night markets in Bangkok

"Red-light District" in Patong

Tourist would rather not miss Silcom-Patpong – the most famous night market in Bangkok. The major activity in Silcom market is selling souvenirs and fake accessories for visitors, while Patcom is known as the most bustling shopping mall, a well-known entertainment and tourism center in Bangkok.

It is useless travelling to Bangkok without visiting Patong once. This “Red-light District” is the combination of more than 100 bars, massage, and karaoke.

Beside visiting popular landscapes in Bangkok, Thailand you should not miss these night markets in order to make your trip more memorable.

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