Top tips for an unforgettable tour to West Fjords in Iceland

Top tips for an unforgettable tour to West Fjords in Iceland

West Fjords is a peninsula located in the Northwest Iceland into the Atlantic Sea. In spite of being a remote place, it still attracts a number of visitors by the beautiful and untouched spots, waterfalls, snowy peaks. To prepare for your journey, this writing will provide you some useful tips to help you get an unforgettable tour to West Fjords.

Time to visit

West Fjords

The beautiful view of West Fjords in the autumn

In general, tourists can travel to West Fjords anytime during the year. Each season attracts visitors by its characteristics: the warm spring, cool summer, cold autumn and winter with white now everywhere. Depending on your plan, you can choose the most suitable time to enjoy the great beauty of West Fjords.

Where to stay

West Fjords

Booking a room in Fosshotel, West Fjords- a 3- star hotel

West Fjords is an isolated landscape and covered by snow for a few months of the year, therefore; there are not many accommodations for you to choose. Most places only serve the basic offers with sleeping bag and bathroom. If you want to find more options, along with a small grocery and dining, you can enter the main city of Isafjordsur. Outside the city, there are hostels, farmstays and scattered huts.

- Hostels and huts

West Fjords

You can choose Norðurfirði for your accommodation

In West Fjords, there are three Hosteling International Hostels: one in Bildudalur, one in Reykholar and one in Korpudalur.

Besides, you can also stay in an ITA hut in Norðurfirði, about 4500 ISK, which is enough for more than 12 people and has a kitchen. However, you have to book in advance.

- Guesthouses and farmstays

West Fjords

Farm Holiday is a favorite place for many tourists

Guesthouses often offer free breakfast along with private rooms. Obviously, you have to pay more for these comfortable added services. It is about 18700 ISK for a double room at Gamla Guesthouse in Isafjordur.

Another option is farmstay at a higher level. The Icelandic Farm Holidays offers the convenient beds, facilities, breakfast, etc.

- Hotels

West Fjords

Hotel Latrabjarg will satisfy you with the full services

There are a few hotels with full services in West Fjords, however; the price is truly high. Some Icelandic hotels that you can choose include the Hotel Isafjordur, Hotel Latrabjarg, and Hotel Djupavik.

How to get to Iceland

The airplane is the best way to get to Iceland. One special thing is that the more flexible the flight is, the more money you can save. You can take a direct flight from Belfast or a short one from the UK to Reykjavik.

In Reykjavik, there are two airports: the Reykjavik domestic airport and the Reykjavik International one (KEF). Most flights to Iceland will land at KEF.

West Fjords

Most flights will land at the Reykjavik International Airport

Icelandair and IcelandExpress are two main airlines in Iceland. With Icelandair, there are a number of multiple flights every day for those from Glasgow, London and Manchester to Reykjavik which cost about 130- 350 euros. IcelandExpress offers the lower prices (45- 75 euros per way) for the flights from Belfast, London, and Edinburgh to Reykjavik.

Additionally, in off season (often from September to May) the price will lower than one in the peak season, and generally, if you can book as soon as possible, the cost will truly low.

Top four things to do

- Enjoy the cliffs of Látrabjarg

West Fjords

Be amazed by the scene from the the cliffs of Látrabjarg

Látrabjarg is known as the westernmost point of Iceland. Traveling to this landscape, you will be impressed by the sightseeing that Iceland looks like. Don't forget to jump into the sea after reaching the cliff which is more than one kilometer high at the end of the observable land.

This is also a favorite destination for bird watching, extremely Puffin. You will be interested in admiring the charming scenery when watching Puffin sitting calmly on the ledge at night and be happy with their evening meal.

- Kayak in the fjords

West Fjords

It will be a truly memorable experience when boating in the fjords

West Fjords is connected to the water by the shaped cliffs. Taking a trip on a kayak and exploring the alluring attraction of a number of inlets are truly memorable.

- Gaze at the Dynjandi waterfall

West Fjords

Your trip to West Fjords will not finish if missing the Dynjandi waterfall

The Dynjandi waterfall, also called the Fjallfoss waterfall, is one of the most popular sites in Iceland. according to the local people, Dynjandi means that “echo of the thunder” and Fjallfoss means that “ the waterfall of mountain”. More than that, this 100-meter waterfall is the combination of seven others waterfalls including Bæjarfoss, Hrísvadsfoss, Strompgljúfrafoss, Hundafoss, Gongumannafoss, and Hastajallafoss.

This is considered as an ideal destination for the photographers in West Fjords. Actually, it is a wonderful view to take a picture at the bottom before moving to the side of the mountain and catching the great sight at different variations of the waterfall.

- Overlook the fjords from on the mountain

West Fjords

Taking a look the fjords from the mountain is really impressive

As mentioned before, West Fjords owns a lot of spectacular scenes which can make tourists be amazed at the first time. Therefore, wearing your hiking boots and starting your journey to clamber up the cliff is a must. Obviously, you have to spend a few hours to reach the mountain, however, all are really worthy when you see the amazing views of the valley as well as the sea below.

These are some useful tips to prepare carefully for your trip to West Fjords, Iceland. Hoping that with this information, you will have the memorable moments when experiencing the significant beauty of West Fjords.

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