Top tourist destinations in Tokyo, Japan

Top tourist destinations in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is known as the capital of Japan, an ideal and impressive destination because of its combination of tradition and modern. These distinctive features make Japan become the top must-see destinations in the world.

1. Tokyo Skytree Tower

Tokyo Skytree was inaugurated in 2012. It is the broadcasting tower which sets up a milestone in Japanese tourism. The total height of 634 metres makes Tokyo Skytree the tallest tower in Japan, the tallest broadcasting tower in the world as well. This tower includes a large shopping center and an aquarium in basement.

tourist destinations in Tokyo

The dazzling beauty of this tower under colorful lights

On the top of this spiral structure is a sightseeing stage whose glass windows offer tourists magnificent view of Tokyo. The stage is just over 451 metres and becomes the highest point of the observatory.

2. Shibuya

Shibuya is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Tokyo with its colorful fashion style and great entertainment. Regarding Shibuya, visitors may be reminded the touching story about Hachiko – a loyal dog, sat at Shibuya station and waited for his owner during 9 years.

tourist destinations in Tokyo

You can enjoy the beauty of Shibuya scramble crossing at night

A special feature in Shibuya is the big crossroad which has 3 huge TV screens mounted on nearby buildings overlook the crossing, as well as a lot of colorful advertising signs.

3. Tokyo Disneysea Park

tourist destinations in Tokyo

This place's performances will seduce every visitors

Tokyo Disneysea which is inspired by the ocean’s legends and tales, is divided into 7 distinctive areas with dissimilar themes. There are several amazing games and wonderful performances for children and adult. Especially, this park offers the unique recreation programs depending on different seasons, which appeals thousands of international visitors each year.

4. Harajuku fashion street

Harajuku is an area spreading from Harajuku station to Shibuya in Tokyo. This place is always crowded because it is the common spot of people who have strong personalities and an intense passion about strange fashion.

tourist destinations in Tokyo

Strange clothes style of the youth is found there

Visiting here, you have chance to feel another side of Tokyo life. Moreover, this fashion street updates the latest fashion tendency regularly with abundant choices for visitors.

5. Tsukiji – the world’s biggest fish market

Tsukiji market is located in the center of Tokyo. By selling 2,000 tons of seafood per day, this place becomes the biggest fish market in the world. As arriving from 5.00 am, visitor will have opportunity to take part in the famous tuna auction with the limited number – 120 people per day. In addition, this area possesses many restaurants with delicious dishes which seduce you from the first sight.

tourist destinations in Tokyo

The famous tuna auction is taken place every day

In order to make your trip more memorable, remember not to do these things: accessing the banned areas; obstructing the traffic; bringing cumbersome luggage, your children or pet; wearing high heel; smoking or touching anything.

6. Kokugikan Sumo Hall

Kokugikan Sumo Hall has been used since 1985 with a capacity of 10,000 people. It is also hold 3 in 6 sumo competitions in Japan every year. Sumo is the traditional martial art of Japanese which grew popularly in the Edo period.

tourist destinations in Tokyo

Visitors will be satisfied with interesting sumo wrestling

This martial art is less threatening than the other because it is based on the weight to defeat enemy. A couple of Sumo will compete against each other in Dohyo circle. The one who touches the circle first is the loser. The entrance fee changes according to the seat choice of visitors. The nearer the seat is, the more expensive the fee is.

7. Senso-ji

tourist destinations in Tokyo

Thousands of tourists visit this ancient pagoda annually

Senso-ji or Asakusa Kannon pagoda was built in 645 and became the most ancient one in Tokyo. Especially, in front of the gate, there is a massive red paper lantern at the height of 4 m, and the weight of 670 kg. The two sides of the gate are the statues of Raijin and Fujin genies.

8. Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland was built basing on the famous theme of movies produced by Walt Disney Imagineering. Being opened in 1983, this destination is the first Disney park to be built outside the USA. It is the combination of Disneyland model in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida.

tourist destinations in Tokyo

This destination is the first Disney park to be built outside the USA

Tokyo Disneyland is also divided into 7 areas with unique theme and decorated according to different seasons. In addition, this place involves a lot of entertainment spots, restaurants, stores and even interesting parades around the park.

9. Ginza

Ginza is the most famous and exclusive shopping zone in Tokyo with hundreds of trademarks, exhibiting rooms, restaurants, bars and cafeterias.

tourist destinations in Tokyo

It is considered one of the most expensive, elegant, and luxury streets in the world

The center of Ginza is at the junction of Chuo-dori and Harumi-dori streets. The main street in Ginza is Chuo-dori which usually prevents vehicles for pedestrians and visitors at weekend.

10. Shinijuku Gyoen National Park

This park is one of the largest and most well-known in Tokyo. Shinijuku Gyoen is divided into 3 gardens: Japan traditional garden, French garden and British garden.

tourist destinations in Tokyo

You will have chance to enjoy the beauty of hundreds of Sakura trees

Besides, there is a beautiful glass house possessing about 2,700 tropical and subtropical plants. Especially, the national park opens all days except Monday if it is the Cherry blossom or Chrysanthemum season.

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