Unfamed but interesting tourist attractions in Japan

Unfamed but interesting tourist attractions in Japan

What do you want to bring if you have a chance to visit Japan in particular and other countries in general? The majority of answer is guide book. Indeed, guide book always plays an integral part in your trip to many countries around the world.

Thanks to its function, visitors will obtain the basic knowledge about the attractive destination, traffic system, food, means of transport, accommodation as well of that nation. However, in Japan, there is always exception that interesting and mysterious tourist attractions do not exist in this kind of book. Check out the collection of Japanese places that are not famed, but extremely marvelous.

1. Najai-juku Acient Town:

tourist attractions in Japan

This place attracts thousands of visitors a year because of its cottage houses

This town is located in Nagano, a prefecture in the west of Tokyo. This is the landmark offering tourists the best experience about traditional culture and famous architecture in Japan.

Najai-juku impresses travelers by the old houses, nice trails, and fresh space. Travelling in this village, you can either take a walk on Kiso street or enjoy the well-known authentic dishes as: Oyaki, Soba. Don’t forget to pick up the unique souvenirs for your friends and family.

In addition, this place still harbors the traditional rituals and distinctive housing structures of Japan, which should not be ignored by people who love Japanese culture.

2. Yakushima Rainforest:

tourist attractions in Japan

This rainforest absolutely does not make your trip boring

The next destination is Yakushima, a rainforest in southern Kyushu. This landscape becomes one of the forests in Japan owning the most plentiful ecosystem and unique flora and fauna. It is estimated about 1.900 kinds of plant, 150 type of birds and 16 sorts of animal in this place.

Particularly, you will have chance to observe Sugi tree – the rare cedar in Japan. Its thick trunks and moss-covered, damp roots glisten as sunlight breaks through the canopy.

With an amazing scene as in fairy tales, this rainforest absolutely does not make your trip boring.

3. Takao Mount:

tourist attractions in Japan

It's the best place to observe maple leaves in autumn in Japan

Takao is a part of Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi National park, the second largest mountain in Japan as well. This park still preserves primeval forests, precious animals and plants.

According to tourists who visit this place many times, there are several ways to achieve the mountain. Each road will serves you a varied beautiful sightseeing.

Takao Mountain is not only the most ideal spot to see maple leaves in Japan but also the best place for camping and enjoying the fresh atmosphere.

In addition, travelling there, you should take advantage to play with monkeys, buy your own keepsakes and try the specialties like: Tengu and maple Tempura cake.

4. Rice Field Terraces:

tourist attractions in Japan

Rice field terraces in Japan are considered as spectacular natural masterpieces

Rice field terrace is an indispensable agricultural symbol of Japan in particular and southeast countries in general. However, it’s a pity if you ignore these fields in Japan.

In fact, Japanese terraces provide a colorful performance of seasons. In the spring, they look pristine and glitter as morning foggy, green and juicy in the summer, and pure with white tone in the winter. Especially, some rice field terraces are considered as spectacular masterpieces when they are covered with a variety kind of rice by Japanese farmers.

5. Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku:

tourist attractions in Japan

Let's immerse in the hot springs or enjoy the breathtaking scenery there

Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku is a sort of special hot stream in Japan. If you are a big fan of Japanese culture, it’s abnormal that Japanese are fond of dipping in hot water and have numerous hot springs dotted around the country.

The most attractive aspect of Onsen is the position of saunas. They lie nearby the hot water areas, so most of them have the graceful view. Tourists are able to either sink in the hot springs or enjoy the breathtaking scenery here.

6. Tsukiji fish market:

tourist attractions in Japan

The busiest market has long been a favorite destination for jet-lagged tourists

One of the most interesting destinations in this list is Tsukiji fish market. Exploring here, wanderers have chance to both take part in the world’s biggest tuna auction, buy delicious seafood and other specialty items, and taste flavored sushi in “Sushi Standing” a special the restaurant in this spot.

In this restaurant, customers are served without tables or chairs. Instead, they will stand and eat sushi by their bare hands. You are expected to pay between 300 and 800 yen per generously cut, amazingly fresh pieces. It's been said that no visit to Tsukiji is complete without a sushi breakfast.

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