What are the world's weirdest houses for travel?

What are the world's weirdest houses for travel?

When looking at a house, or a building, you can learn a lot since its architecture tells many interesting things about the culture, the history of that area, and even the owner of that house. Many people think that the design of a house represents its country. However, these world's weirdest houses will show you that there is no rule in building a house.

Transparent House (Japan)

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The simple and pure look of the Transparent House

What is the point of a house where every action of you is exposed to everyone? You can ask the architecture who build the Transparent House in Japan, as in this special house, you cannot hide from anyone. The house was inspired by the green house, so its four glass walls offer plenty of light to the trees inside, but not much privacy. All the frames and furniture inside are white, which gives off a simple yet elegant feeling.

Skateboard House (USA)

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You can skate anytime in this special Skateboard House

Do you think there will be people who like skateboarding too much that they even want to skate inside of their house? That is what happened with Pierre Andre Senizergues, who is a Pro Skater and a former World skating champion. As the first skateboard house in the USA, you can skate anywhere in the house. With a house like this, now you can practice skating anywhere, anytime.

World’s Slimmest House (Poland)

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The elegant interior design of the World's Slimmest House

When the city became too crowded, people starting to build their house stranger and stranger due to the limited space. However, no one will ever imagine living in a house which is only 150 cm in width. Nothing is impossible to Jakub Szczęsny, as he could manage to squeeze his own house in the middle of two other buildings and created the narrowest house in the world. With all furniture and full function, the house was designed clever enough that one person could live there comfortably. Let's come and try living one day in this one of the world's weirdest houses.

Modern Home inside an Old Water Tower (Belgium)

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Modern Home inside an Old Water Tower

Living in a 30-meter high water tower is already strange, but what about living in an expensively furnished old water tower which used to be a Nazi hideout in World War II? Everyone wants to experience that cool feeling of living in the past but feel like in the future. The Old Water Tower of Belgium will be a nice place to learn a little bit about the history while enjoying a modern lifestyle.

Dick Clark’s Flintstones Home (USA)

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The Flintstones Home looks just like its animated version

Living in a cave with a dinosaur pet like the Flintstones in the animated series of the same name is always a childhood dream of almost everyone. Now that dream will come true with the Dick Clark's building, the Flintstones Home. From the house's structure to the interior design, everything is exactly the same as in the animated version. In this one of the world's weirdest houses, you will have a chance to live in your childhood, except for the dinosaur pet.

1 sq Meter House (Germany)

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Many people find these tiny houses comfortable

If you have ever lived in this world's smallest house, you will probably stop complaining how narrow your house is. As mentioned in its name, the house is only one square meter, however, it has all the basic functions that a normal house needs. And of course, there is only room for one person, so if you have any guest, just enjoy the out-door. One of the coolest things about this tiny house is that you can build it yourself, just like an IKEA item, and you can always change its shape to use each specific function.

Slide House (Japan)

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The house is a popular children playground

Japan is a country with many weird ideas and items, and Japanese house is not an exception. This Slide House is definitely a child favorite place, as the house itself is a huge slide, you can slide around this 3-floor building. In addition, there are also many playrooms in the house, including a ballroom, a library, and even a home theater. If you want your children to have a good time, or just want to relax and live in your childhood, then this house is a must when you come to Japan.

Crazy House (Vietnam)

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The unique and mysterious design of the Crazy House

If you are looking for the unique, strange architecture, then Hang Nga's Crazy House in Da Lat, Vietnam will be your perfect choice. The house is just like a complex maze, with spider web windows, thorn staircase, antique decorations, etc. All of those create an unrealistic, fantasy vibe, which makes any visitor feel like in a fairy tale's world. All in all, this mysterious house will be a thrilling and unforgettable experience for any adventurous visitors.

The world is very colorful and full of surprises. Therefore, if you are getting bored of your surroundings, choose these world's weirdest houses for your next vacation. They will definitely be the most spectacular experiences in your life.

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