What you should not miss when in Airai, Palau

What you should not miss when in Airai, Palau

It is a lovely state on the southern coast of the tropical Babeldaob island, Palau. It is also an earthly paradise for unforgettable moments and experiences with spectacular natural sceneries and exclusive local attractions. Can you guess where we go? You’re right! We are in Airai. Let’s take a trip to the outlying Palau island to enjoy the superb charm of the amazing Airai.


Enjoy a trip in Airai

Cultural experience in Etpison museum


Impressive Etpison museum from outside

If you are eager to learn about Palau’s outstanding culture, there is no more wonderful place than Etpison museum. A visit to the museum is a journey through the long history of this alluring country to broaden your understanding and arouse your love for this incredible land. A special collection of Palauan artifacts, displays, etc is waiting for you to indulge your passion for such a colorful culture. In addition, Etpison museum is home to various projects which bring Palau’s past to life so that all will have deeper insight into the bygone time.


Storyboards inside the museum

Unforgettable IMPAC tours


An enjoyable tour to the Rock Islands

You expect to have a memorable tour, so why don’t you try IMPAC? A number of exciting tours will certainly satisfy any tourists’ tastes. A boat tour to the Rock Islands will leave you a gamut of emotions. Numerous green islands rising from crystal-clear water create such an appealing picture. You will fall in love with this spot right at first sight. Meanwhile, a hiking tour in Ngardmau is a journey to the best of Palau jungle scenery with a spectacular waterfall, many adventurous hiking and diving spots.


Kayak tour to the Rock Islands

Besides, if you want to have a wonderful memory with your beloved family, don’t forget to take on a pleasant kayak tour. It will take you to the silky sandy Long Beach and mushroom-shaped Rock Islands to enjoy fishing time while feasting your eyes on breathtaking landscapes.


Swim with jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake

For couples who are looking for a fascinating romantic expedition, a special tour to Jellyfish Lake - the one and only Jellyfish Lake in the world, will be a perfect choice. A comfortable time at Milky Way will help you to refresh your body and soul. After hiking in the tropical forest of Palau, you will reach the Carp Island Resort where you and your partner can enjoy a life of romance and happiness. Don’t miss such a great opportunity to go on at least one of these IMPAC tours.


Funny moment on Long Beach

A look at marine life in Palau Aquarium


Exciting experience in Palau Aquarium

Embraced by beautiful sun-drenched beaches, Airai is absolutely a dreamland for great marine explorations. To have the best experiences, you cannot miss Palau Aquarium. Green space of lush vegetation and the blue water surrounding enable you to escape from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and enjoy your life to the fullest. Coming here, you will have chance to witness the aquatic creatures such as nautilus, coral, etc. In-door exhibits are also worth your visit.


Witness nautilus in Palau Aquarium

Great time in Dolphin Pacific


Funny time in Dolphin Pacific

It must be a once-in-a-lifetime experience as you can be face-to-face with faithful friends from nature. Every moment with lovely dolphins will turn into amazing experiences. You can touch them, dive with them and of course take pictures with those friendly animals. If you are going on a family trip, Dolphin Pacific in Airai will never let you down. There is no doubt that your kids will love this place since they can learn more about pretty dolphins and their habits. These special friends will make you and your family happy all day.


Kids and dolphins

A close-to-nature visit in Ngardok Nature Reserve


Ngardok Nature Reserve

Right in the splendid Airai lies a heaven on earth where visitors can find themselves close to Mother Nature. It is Ngardok Nature Reserve. A spectacular nature trail will take tourists through dense jungles and verdant grasslands. Here, you can find Palau’s most magnificent waterfall cascading down the mountainside or have a closer look at natural life of amphibians and crocodiles. In particular, if you are lucky enough, you are able to catch the sight of the pretty fruit doves or fly-catchers.


Beautiful waterfall in Ngardok Nature Reserve

A trip back in time at Belau National Museum


Special bai in Belau National Museum

It is true to say that Airai is a large nature conservation. It is also true to describe Airai as a time retention. The state is steeped in Micronesian history with an ancient Belau National Museum. A small but unique museum stands out in the heart of luxuriant vegetation. Through exclusive architectural design of bai – the meeting house in the museum, you will be offered the interesting information about Palau several years ago, Palauan art and so on. For distinctive cultural experiences of different countries in the world, Belau National Museum is the best choice for you.


Exhibits inside the museum

Not only is Airai bestowed on superb natural sceneries but it also remains such outstanding historical and cultural values. This beautiful place will be an ideal destination for a fun-filled and meaningful trip. One day, if you travel to Airai, Palau, don’t forget to enjoy the above experiences.

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