When to make a travel tour to Japan

When to make a travel tour to Japan

Japan – “the Land of sunrise”, appeals tourists due to both its brilliant views and authentic culture. There are 4 distinctive seasons in this nation, but which the most gorgeous term in a year is an issue that everyone is concerned about. Let’s take a glance at this pot to find your own season to visit in Japan.

Background Knowledge:

Japan’s climate is primarily temperate with 4 seasons in a year. Meanwhile, spring and autumn are appropriated as the most ideal periods for travelling. Many travelers often come to Japan in the late of March and early of April because of Sakura flowering. Besides, the term from the end of October to November is also picked up to visit due to the splendid autumn leaves.

The average temperature in Tokyo is 15.60C. In the summer is about 300C. Tokyo’s winter is extremely cold and snow also appears.

Spring is the sign of cherry blossom (Sakura), summer is the symbol of flower garden, fireworks & festivals, autumn is symbolized for colorful leaves and freezing cold winter season is the sign of illumination & ski. The Japanese culture is deeply related to these four seasons.

In general, the four seasons of Japan offers number of festivals and events to experience that take place in different regions across Japan.

1. Spring ( March – April ) – Cherry blossoms season:

travel tour to Japan

The stunning and graceful cherry blossoms in Japan

Spring is the most famous season in Japan, and is symbolized by the iconic Cherry blossoms which are typically bloom between the late of March and early of April. Temperatures are pleasant and sunny; therefore, Japanese usually spend this deal of time for family union, travelling or flowers viewing.

In this term, Sakura notoriously flowers which is sprinkled around every corner of the country, particularly on riverbanks, parks, or on channels. The flowering time of Sakura is quite short. As a result, there are several websites that broadcast Cherry blossoms season in order to help people take advantage to sightsee.

In Tokyo, the most beautiful scene of Sakura is from 5th to 14th April.

In Kyoto, Cherry blooms from 3rd to 12th April.

In Kagoshima, Sakura flowers from 8th to 31st April.

In Osaka, 3rd to 11th April is the period that cherry trees strikingly bloom.

2. Summer ( May – September ) – Festivals and Firework Season:

travel tour to Japan

Colorful lights of fireworks there make the night more brilliant

Summer in Japan lasts from about May to September, basing on the location. Summer here is hot and humid. Therefore, it is really convenient to take place outdoor activities, such as: swimming, travel, and so on.

This country possesses more festivals in the summer than most of other nations in the world. Moreover, these festivals are impressive in their color, culture and eagerness, which consist of Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri, Osaka’s Tenjin Matsuri, Aomori’s Nebuta Matsuri, and the Awa Odori festival in Tokushima, on the island of Shikoku – not to mention numerous lively (and delicious) neighborhood fairs throughout the country.

In addition to carnivals, Fireworks or Hanabi is also the most favorite performance of Japanese in particular and international tourists in general. Typically, it is extraordinarily bustling that you had better come early to keep your seat and get the food ready to enjoy wonderful firework scenery.

3. Autumn ( October – November ) – Momiji leaves season:

travel tour to Japan

Momiji leaves season throughout the country

September is the time of year with the greatest risk of typhoons. After that, the weather is unpredictable but generally mild. In addition to the pleasant temperature and cool weather, fall is seen as the most renowned colorful season in the year.

Visiting Japan in this period, you will have chance to take a walk on streets that are covered garish autumn lopes, which create a graceful scene immersing every wanderers. This is the official Momiji leaves time when foliage changes its color from yellow to red.

The leaves often vary the color firstly from the cold areas to the South of Japan. For example: in Hokkaido from September to November, from late of September to November in Touhoku, and so on.

4. Winter ( January – February ) – Yukiguni snowy land:

travel tour to Japan

Be amazed at Japanese snowy landscapes

In December, the temperature drops and it gets cold quickly. The same as some other destinations all over the world, Japan tends to get fewer visitors during the cold wintertime. However, it is a pity thing if you ignore winter in this place.

In the Japan’s mountains, snowfall is especially abundant, which makes an incredible sky and snowboarding landmark. The most well-known spots to enjoy snow in Japan are Hokkaido and the Japan Alps.

The weather is usually clear, crisp and comfortable, not damp. Visitors should dress warm clothes and suitable shoes when travelling in wintertime.

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