Where to shop in Japan?

Where to shop in Japan?

Japan is widely known as a developed country with numerous famous shopping malls serving a variety of items, which will satisfy not only domestic but also international shopaholic. Let’s take a look through the list of shopping centers below which may be useful for your next trip in Japan.

1. Ginza, Tokyo:

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This exclusive mall will not make you disappointed

Ginza center has existed since the era of Edo. These days, this place becomes one of the most luxurious plazas in Tokyo capital. In Ginza, there are several trademarks selling from high-end to modest shops.

The majority of products here are clothes, cosmetic, craft, accessories, and so on. Tourists can find out flagship stores of numerous international labels, as well as the notorious brands of local scene.

This landmark is located at the main junction where Chuo Doru intersects with Harumi Dori. The 9th stage of this building is a wonderful place to unwind if visitors desire to take a breather, while big fan of food pick up the basement floor where serve as Depachika or food halls.

At weekends, Ginza offers Hokosha Tengoku or outdoor area for pedestrians. As a result, people who are fond of shopping at this period of time take advantage to walk around the center without worry about traffic jam.

2. Asakura, Tokyo:

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Many traditional items are popularly sold there

A long time ago, Asakura became a popular center of Edo. This was the residence of artisans, merchants and prostitutes. Nowadays, windy small alleys in this spot still keep its reputation due to exhibiting traditional items. For instance: Japanese dolls, Taiko drums, and other interesting souvenirs.

Here, old-world charm meets pop culture, and for outsiders looking in, it’s an entire introduction to the plentiful culture of Japan.

3. Shinjuku:

shop in Japan

You should not miss travelling this bustling area at night

Shinjuku is located in the West of the Palace about 6 kilometers. This is an ideal place for both potential business and notorious recreation in Tokyo. Visiting here, tourists will have opportunity to pick up the exciting authentic products like: Geta ( Japanese wooden clog ), deluxe silk bags, and so on.

4. Roppongi:

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This busy center is visited by thousands of travelers annually

Roppongi gathers all capability of an official town, as well as a dynamic entertainment center with bars, pubs. The center is also a collection of countless shopping markets as: Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown.

However, it is unacceptable if you ignore Japan Sword where famed Tanaka swords of Samurais are displayed. Roppongi is seen as the newest mall in Japan with more than 200 stores and restaurants in total, which make it become an appropriate destination for people who adore exploring local tradition.

5. Odaiba:

As a popular shopping mall in Japan with a full range of well-known brands and small shops, Odaiba is an attractive destination for travelers to enjoy the bustling atmosphere here.

6. Tokyo Bay:

Tokyo Bay is a large shopping center positioned at the central of Tokyo. There are hundreds of labels and relaxing shops satisfying the request of all customers. You had better spend a day wandering and discovering fascinating stores, movies and cafeteria around this Bay.

7. Shibuya:

shop in Japan

You will be amazed at the Tokyo’s liveliest shopping neighborhood

One of the most crowded shopping areas in Japan is Shibuya where is historically considered as the “ shopping paradise ” of Japanese youth. A diversity of music stores with huge volumes of cheap tapes, costumes and fashion accessories.

Especially, there is a store that imposes “ SHIBUYA 109 ”. In addition, each store here has its own feature. For example: in Koen Dori avenue, it has Seibu and Parco convenient store; in Bunkamura avenue, there are Tokyo and Spain Zaka shops.

In recent years, more department stores and shops have been built out and the area is appealing more families and women in their 30s.

8. Harajuku & Aoyama:

shop in Japan

This area is the most notorious shopping zone in Japan

Being famous for girls in Harajuku style, this area is the most notorious shopping zone in Japan, which is always busy and active. If you are keen on Harajuku and Lolita fashion, you must not miss this place to pick up exotic handmade clothes.

Thanks to some small luxury shops, this zone becomes the hottest destination of Pop and highlighted style. On Omotesando Hill, visitors are able to observe about 100 stores and well-known trademarks including: Anniversaire Omotesando – popular for its champagne and limiting number of tasty chocolate, Prada, Louis Vuiton, and Dior.

9. Ikebukuro:

In Ikebukuro, due to low price, visitors are able to buy a wide field of items without worry about their budget. Ikebukuro has many department stores where you can comfortably bargain the charge of products with the owner.

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